Old Photos of People I Work With

I found old pictures of my co-workers from various points in their life.

Here is Kim. This was her high school senior yearbook photo. She loved to play croquet. She loved to eat croquettes.

Liz’s favorite quote via her high school yearbook was, “This is who I am. Accept me or leave me.” 

Snyder used to be an English Literature professor. He loved to eat apples and twirl the ends of his mustache with styling gel.

I was pleasantly surprised to see four of my co-workers were in a band together. They called themselves “The Frizz Monsters”. Their favorite song to cover was a rock version of “Easter Parade”.

The lead band member Dave quit the band, cut his hair, and brought a kitty cat. He loved to hold the cat close to his chest.

Here is a photo of me in my easter bonnet. It was taken the day before this outfit was accidentally burned in a wild bon fire. 

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