More Old Photos of my Co-workers

I found more old photos of my co-workers.

Here is Jen. She was just named her high school’s soccer captain. Her favorite number was 8. She wore white spandex shorts to prevent her thighs from chafing.

Meaghan was a interpretive gymnast, known for her flashy body suits. She wore a spandex head wrap to prevent ear chafing.

Dave sported this green silk suit 6 out of 7 days a week. Because of his hairy face and narrow waistline, he was known around town as “The Wolfman”. 

“Nathan and the Becky’s”. The three of us are siblings. Nathan suffered from a dreadful case of middle child syndrome.

Pecor used to be a mascot in the state of Washington. He would walk around town tap dancing. Internally, he hated what he did.

When Lili was three years old, she needed prescription glasses. They made her look really cute. She had a baby perm. 

Baby perms grew out of style so Lili got a bowl cut. 

Jason uses his half smile to charm people. His cat is fake. 

Amy, George and Liz are siblings. Liz suffers from middle child syndrome. To rebel, she shaved most of her head and dyes her widow’s peak jet black.

So interesting!

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