My Psychic’s Predictions

Years ago, I went to a Spiritual Life Reader. I recently found the typed transcript of the hour session. Here are the most important revelations which were SPOT ON.

“You get sad when you hear spoken poetry. Even if it is humorous poetry.”

“In July of 2012 you will adopt a baby elephant. You will name her Salem after city in Massachusetts.”

“You’re maternal great-grandmother faked her own death in 1980. She currently resides in Houston, Texas. She runs a cowboy apparal store called “Grand-Mammy’s Ropes and Boots”. Write her a letter immediately. Ask for her inheritance and a pair of embroidered leather boots.”

“You had a lot of intimate relationships in your past life. Mostly with clowns and town delinquents.”

“You have no memory of this, but when you were four years old, you found a dirty penny and ate it.”

“A lot of people support you in your life comparably to the metal underwire of your brassiere.”

“There are two sides to your personality. One is very deep and analytic. The other is just like Mrs. Doubtfire.”

“You would make great life partners with Shania Twain. Both of you have moons in Scorpio.”

“You’re values though are very traditional. Which is a unique. You button your button-up shirt to the top button. Always.”

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