My Fourth of July

I woke up late at 10:45am.

I walked downstairs.

My 11-year-old dog Christy stared at me with inviting eyes.

I hand-on-hipped talked to my sister on the phone.

She conveyed to me that she needed to be picked up from the 11:20am Express bus from Manhattan to Staten Island.

I picked out a chocolate granola square to eat for breakfast.

“This is the one,” I said aloud.

I sneezed.

I apologize for such a graphic photo so early on in this blog entry.

My Mom and I planned to get coffee.

I needed shoes.

I teased my left foot with my sister’s expensive Tory Burch flip flops. But decided against wearing them. I did not want to stretch them out. Or be accused of stretching them out.

I have wide feed.

In my Adidas flip flops, I bent over and pet my dog under her chin.

She shunned me by looking away.

We got in the car.

I dropped my yellow-shirted Mother on the corner.

She walked towards Starbucks as if it were a Goddess calling her by name.

I drove down the block to Dunkin Donuts.

Ordered a small iced coffee with milk. No sugar.

My Mom waited on the corner as I drove back.

We sipped our respective drinks.

My Mom held the green straw to her lip.

I dropped my Mom home.

Drove to the bus stop.

I waited 25 minutes for my sister and her boyfriend, Adam, to arrive.

I texted my friend Katherine to “see what she was up to today?”

Emily and Adam got off the bus.

We dropped Adam off.

And went to New York and Company, a woman’s clothing store.

Emily picked out a blue and white ruffled/checkered tank top.

What a wonderful shirt to wear on the Fourth of July!

I took Emily to Starbucks.

The second trip to Starbucks of the day.

For lunch, I found bagel slices in the fridge.

I needed cream cheese.

I look to my left.

And see an entire dish of cream cheese.

What a lucky day!

I ate the toasted bagel slices on the porch with my Dad.

Christy walked over all non-chalant then begged for food.

I rubbed her face with my foot.

My sister’s birthday was July 3rd.

I had wrapped presents for her.

I lovingly threw her the presents one by one.

Giving Emily clothes inspired me to organize my own clothes.
I folded them on my bed in various and methodical piles.
Piles included: tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, pants, pajamas, basketball shorts;
At our barbecue, I presented my Father with a birthday cake.
His childhood friend brought him the cake.
He was confused because his birthday was in March.
My friend Katt enjoyed the cake.
Katt took a photo of me with my parents.
I drove Katt to her house.
I was excited to see a firework.
It was not a firework, it was a lamppost light fuzzed out by water droplets on the windshield.
Katt held up her new 2-pound puppy Lucy.
“Hi little puppy,” I said.
I drove home.
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  1. Inspiring early morning reading. I just ordered a coffee, bagel, and 3quart container of cream cheese.

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