Is love a Cosmic Phenomenon

Is love a Cosmic Phenomenon? Is love a Limitless Miracle?

Or is love an Earthly Reality that zig-zaggedly cracks your heart down the middle and slowly breaks it. Then it gets smashed into pieces and drowned in your own tears that you cry for hours and hours, until you wake up and it’s three days later and you forgot to go to that doctor’s appointment you were supposed to go to. Your tears form into a lake that has waves and you get confused because you think only the ocean can have waves. Why does a lake have waves? But your crushed heart forms the waves as it it were the moon controlling the waves of the ocean. You say the word “waves” so many times that it begins to sound weird and you question if it is even a word at all. You are mean to people. You get annoyed at people. You yelled at a guy on the subway for having his music too loudly then yell at yourself for sounding too much like your mother. You type at the keyboard so hard that your co-worker looks at you and says, “Hey, you ok over there?” You are mean to him and tell him to, “Mind your business Anthony. What do you know. You’re a boy.” You punch him on the shoulder and hope it leaves a bruise then run down the hallway into the printer room to pick up the 600 pieces of paper you printed that read, “Love is for Losers and if you love someone, you’re a loser”. You tape the flyers to the grey office walls. You shove the flyers under everyone’s doors. You run to the roof of the building and throw the remaining pages dramatically off the building showering down onto Times Square in New York City. After you throw the pages, you realize you only had 5 pages left and now you are just littering and feel bad about yourself. You cry to tears. One falls from your eye and lands on the jacket of a lonely tourist in Times Square. He/She looks up and says, “Ew what the heck was that?” You have supersonic hearing. The other tear falls on a homeless man who is sleeping. Security runs through the door on the roof and tackles you for trespassing and you surrender yourself on the spot because you have no energy to do a karate chop.

Do you know the answer? I’m really just curious and this is all hypothetical.

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