Polaroids and Beaches

Keep Me Close, a song on Ingrid Michaelson’s blog makes me feel nostalgic and sad, but happy at the same time. I think it is beautiful and adds to my growing Ingrid Michaelson obsession.

I am extremely excited because a video editor here [at the place I work] gave me a polaroid camera that he no longer wanted. Below are fake Polaroid’s of me holding the Polaroid. Polaroids Polaroids Polaroids.

My Father donated 3 packages of black and white Polaroid film to the Becky Fund 2011. He was storing the film in a safety deposit box at the bank. That’s weird. I loaded one package into the camera while I waited at the bus stop. There are 10 pictures in one roll of film. This scares me because ten pictures is not a lot compared to the 450 pictures available on my digital camera’s memory card. What will I take pictures of? Although I want to take all ten pictures right now to see what they look like, I am going to wait until I see the right thing. How mature of me. Maybe I’ll just create fake Polaroids in Photoshop and store the camera/film in my father’s safety deposit box forever.

Temperatures are rising in the world. Here is a picture of the ocean to give us [we are in this together so I will use the word “us”] something to look forward to. [Unless you don’t like the beach. I personally do like the beach, but sometimes get freaked out that my leg is going to get touched by a slimy fish. Gross.]

I call this picture “Red White Blue Ocean”.

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