Christmas Friends Levitation

The four humans in the photo below are my friends. We met freshman year of high school in 2005. Tonight we spent time at Heather’s house talking. Girls love to talk.

From left to right: Katt, Heather, Marie, and Alex.

Like me, they can levitate.

Katt’s head often gets cold. She wears a scarf around it.

“It’s just for show,” she told me as she took a bite of pumpkin pie, “people will take me seriously if I look like a genie.”

Katt is a wonderful friend and great advice giver. But she has an evil side. Tonight, her evil side surfaced after she heard me tell Heather she wears a scarf on her head for “show”.

Katt emanated green lightening from her hands. One bolt brushed Heather’s boobie. Heather fell into a state of panic. She pretended to be a statue.

In their sled, Marie led Alex through the roof.

Marie is laughing because she stole this blow up sled from the neighbor’s front lawn. Marie loves to get away with crimes. Last week she stole nail polish remover from her own grandmother.

After Marie and Alex flew through the roof, I levitated and tightened the bow on top of the tree. I fix things when I get nervous. We were the guest in Heather’s house.  I hate to get in trouble.

I love to make memories.

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0 thoughts on “Christmas Friends Levitation

  1. Verry funny. I love the sleigh! Did you ever play “light as a feather, stiff as a board” at slumber parties? These pictures remind of what that game was supposed to do.

  2. Incredible pics. So while I was sleeping upstairs, all you ladies were levitating downstairs. LOL….Fuuuuuuuuuuny!

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