Thanksgiving 2011

We spent Thanksgiving at my Uncle Peter’s apartment in New York City. Uncle Peter is my Dad’s brother. We traveled into the city from Staten Island.

At 12:35pmEST, my mother helped Nana out of the car. The doorman looked on with encouragement.

Uncle Peter greeted us at the door; his hand outstretched.

My camera focused on my mother’s shoulder making Uncle Peter’s image appear unclear.

I headed straight to the kitchen.

I checked to make sure they made my favorite dish, potatoes in water. 

They did.

We ate horderves. Cousin Peter Jr. walked in.

Nana whispered to him his favorite poem, “One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish.”

Uncle Peter cheers’d to the souls of Turkey’s everywhere.

Emily sipped her mimosa before the cheers was finished. That’s bad luck.

Christina brought out mini hot dogs. 

My dad sat next to Mark, his smaller brother.

Cousins Molly and Ted arrived. They brought their new baby, Sawyer. He is two weeks old. 

Nana introduced herself to the baby. She said, “I’m your great grandma.”

It was a sweet moment.

Ted, the baby’s father, bent down on one knee. He proposed marriage to Nana. Aunt Beth looked on in curiosity.

I looked away. I didn’t want to put pressure on Nana to give an answer.

Nana declined Ted’s offer. Her life as the oldest Celtic’s coach leaves barely any time for maintaining a healthy relationship.

It was dinner time.

As I loaded my plate with a piece of broccoli…

…Nana had a premonition. Whenever she is getting a “vision”, she puts her hands on her head.

She predicted the NBA strike would end by Christmas time.

Her mind is always on the game. She has a difficult time separating the NBA from home life.

When we got our food, Uncle Peter said a toast for the new baby and another toast for the turkey’s soul.

I looked down at my delicious plate of food. I ate it.

When I saw there was ice box cake for desert, I howled like a werewolf. It is so tasty.

After food, my Mom gave Ted a baby blanket she crocheted for Sawyer.

My Dad stood in the doorway with his hands in his pocket.

My sister sipped water.

We left after desert. Nana gave every one double handshakes pretending she was the orphan child Oliver from the British musical, “Oliver”.

We got back to Nana’s house on Staten Island.

My Mom helped Nana remove her overcoat.

There was a note on the kitchen table that said “Turkey”. It was either a reminder note, or a message from the ghost of the turkey we ate.

I walked into the kitchen and saw my dad watching Ronald McDonald’s new variety show.

I shuddered in agony.

It’s hard to see his face after our breakup. [youtube=].

My sister and I went to Adam’s house for a second desert. I am trying to gain weight for an independent film I am starring in. I am playing the human version of the muppet Miss Piggy.

Adam is my sister’s boyfriend.

At his house, we watched CatDog the movie. It’s his family’s tradition to watch it every Thanksgiving.

Adam cut pie with a knife as his sister Celeste fixed her hair. Emily stared in jealousy.

Celeste has really nice hair. It is silky and voluminous. Celeste is known throughout Staten Island for having nice hair. Ask anyone.

I had this for my second desert.

Cocoanut custard pie, Pumpkin pie, Whipped Cream, and a Sugar cookie with 100 blue sprinkles.

Adam put whipped cream on his grandma’s food. He is a good grandchild.

On the way to the car, my sister and I passed an inflatable Turkey.

It was a this moment I know the soul of the turkey I ate earlier would haunt me for eternity.

Special shoutout to my cousin Crissy who we missed this year at Thanksgiving! She lives in Colorado and spent the holiday with us last year.

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