Watch Out

Today I bought a white watch. I didn’t need it, but wanted it. I have four other, just as useful ones, but not a white one. From Left to Right, we have a [green] Swatch $50, [yellow/orange/green] Baby Gap $10, [blue/purple/red] Baby Gap $10, [Pink] Timex $20, and [White] watch from Target $7. To answer your question, Yes- Degree deodorant does endorse my blog if I include somewhere a photo of the brand.

My happiness has a direct relationship with the amount of watches I own.

Well, there you have it folks. My wonderful correlation chart. I’m so glad I took those two calculus classes in college. I am most impressed that I spelt “correlation” correctly.

The green Swatch watch ticks really loudly. I am a light sleeper. I am forced to smother it in my clothes drawer to silence it at night.

It still keeps me awake sometimes. The Baby Gap watches beep every hour on the hour. I’m not certain if they wake me up, but I think they do. I’ll wake up at 3:00am precisely and glance  toward my dresser, suspiciously. Darn watches.

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