My Mother, the Angel…Literally

Let me start off this Monday Morning Blog [MMB] by stating “The Christmas Tree Store” [A variety store on Staten Island filled with cheaply priced appliances/mugs/garden tools/tupperware for “around the house”] has four too many drinking fountains.

What are the chances that 6 people are going to be lined up at once in dire need of water? I personally believe two fountains by the store’s bathrooms would suffice. That would be cool if they [public places] had drinking fountains with soda, or juice, or mixed drinks. The possibilities are endless.

I looked at my parents this weekend and tried to figure out from which I inherited my good looks, slim trimmed body, and hilarious personality.

I received my angelic look from my mother. That makes sense considering she is an angel. Jesus sent my mother to earth as a guardian angel to watch over my father. She ended up falling in love with him then breaking the rules and was the first angel to turn herself mortal. Thank God she did, because if not, I would not exist. Literally, thank you God for letting her turn human. The only repercussion to her remaining mortal was/is she can never eat dessert again. This includes but is not limited to cake, cookies, chocolate, pie, and ice cream. She was also cursed with not being able to watch any season finale of any show she is into. How will she ever know what happens on “The Big Bang Theory”?! The horror!

I did a lot of shopping with my mom this weekend. She is such a poser.

We started at “Bed, Bath and Beyond”. We passed the “back to college” section of the store and I cried because I would never experience college living again.

I also cried later at Costco when I reached for eggs and realized all the baby chickens that had to not be born in order for me to eat an omelet. [which I made the next day for lunch and was MADDD GOODDD]

At Bed, Bath and Beyond I brought a refill pack of the Yankee Candle scent “Fresh Cotton” for my bedroom and a jar to hold water. I also brought green nail polish for 8 dollars. We had a coupon for the product, but that’s a lot to pay for nail polish, so I had to make sure I would like the color.

I liked it. My mom kept telling me to stop painting my nails in the store because it would get me in trouble. I told her to take a hike. She said there were no mountains within miles of where we were, so she would not be taking a hike. I told her to go to Hell. [I was just trying to be nice because I knew when she was an angel she had some security guard friends in Hell] She took it the wrong way and got all upset, so I decided to bring her and her childhood friend, Diana out to lunch to Panera. I ordered broccoli and cheddar soup and a greek salad.

I also ate this, this weekend from Ralph’s Italian Ices []. It is a small soft vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. One of my absolute favorite desserts to eat.

The ice cream came in handy so soothe my chapped lips.

I then stared at the camera for two minutes and we made out way back home. While I was driving past a catering hall and I got hit with a wave of laughter. Kristen and Stephanie inquired what I was chuckling about. I had the most random thought about if I opened a catering hall and called it, “Peacock Catering Hall”. Kids would say, “Oh me, I’m having my sweet 16 at the Peacock.” Maybe I will open it in my next life. Maybe I won’t. But maybe I will. But maybe I won’t. But maybe I will. But maybe I won’t.

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