Laughing During Yoga

I got Ashley Teasdale’s drink at Starbucks this morning. I can only assume she got mine.

Do you think I should reach out to her on twitter? Maybe she wants to swap back? Wait a minute, they spelt her name wrong! It is another person [assumingly female] named Ashley Teasdale in New York City. The drink I received was no the real Ashley Tisdale’s. Does this mean anyone with a celebrity name, but not the actual celebrity, is not “real”? ”

What point am I trying to make?”, I find myself…asking myself.

My day yesterday started at 7:00am with a run on the boardwalk and ended at 9:30pm when I got out of Yoga class. I capitalized the word “Yoga” frankly because I wanted to. I was running late booking travel and quite relieved when I arrived ┬áthe 7:00pm ferry boat two minutes early. My sister picked me up and we ventured a couple blocks away to the Yoga center.

I have been going to yoga for two or three months now [every thursday] usually with my high school/life friend Noel and her Mom. But last night was the first time I would be going with my sister and not Noel. I thought it would be fine, until the class started and I found I couldn’t stop smiling. I was on the verge of laughter just thinking of Emily [my sister]. The instructor, Gentle Joan [I call that because she teaches Gentle Yoga and her name is Joanifer] usually plays a CD of music, but did not, so it was really quiet. I ┬áhad never seen Emily perform Yoga and I was scared that seeing her in the movements would make me laugh. I tried to keep my eyes closed as much as possible and cut off my peripheral vision.

The room was silent. Gentle Joan was speaking. She said “Take in a deep breathe and release on an ‘Ooooohhmmm'” The whole class breathed in and released, making the “Ohm” sound. I couldn’t stop smiling thinking of Emily doing it- or thinking of me doing it- or thinking of what would happen if I started singing like a teenage pop star after we stopped Oohminggg. What would everyone do?

Emily had only been to one Yoga class in her life. In the end of class we get about 15 minutes to totally relax and breathe etc. I released the ban on my peripheral vision and saw Emily standing on her head, with her hands at her sides.

What I’m trying to say is, I’m happy it is the weekend.

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