I Love Dolls!!!

This is the lower half of my body on this morning’s commute to work holding the book I purchased yesterday from Barnes and Noble. Ca-CHINGGG.

I ┬ábet everyone reading this blog realizes I am wearing new shorts in the picture, that I brought this weekend from dELIA*s. [original 34.99 on sale for 16.50] Those may not be the exact numbers, but close to them. If you want me to find out the exact prices, email me privately and I will leave work, go back to the mall, and find out. I had a coupon on my blackberry email for 15% off. The teenage cashier wouldn’t accept the virtual coupon at first, but she did after I persuaded her with a crisp twenty dollar bill. You’re welcome, Amber Tamblyn.

I took the picture above with my new digital camera [which replaced my other new one that I got sand in when I took it to the beach, making it have a perpetual “lens error”] I’ve went through about 7 digital cameras in my life so far. I broke my first one sophomore year of college, while running on campus and it flew out of my pocket hitting the concrete, resulting in a cracked screen. One camera was stolen during a night out on the town in Krakow, Poland while I was studying abroad. Whoever stole that camera got a nice surprise because the first video on it was OF THE POPE decked out IN HIS POPE-MOBILE!!! Not even joking. Unfortunately, I never loaded that video onto any computer. Also on that camera’s memory card was a collection of my porcelain dolls. [which I luckily did upload to my computer]

Those dolls were my life. From left to right [top shelf] there is [Barry, Lisa, Baby Lillian, Baby Jillian, Baby Killian, Baby Marky, Baby Sparky, Baby Sharkey, Round Head, Caitlin, Marcus, Patrick, Alley, Sally, Jack O’Malley, Skinny Head, Moby, Toby, Joe B., Head Band Head, Giggles, Wiggles, InGrId [spelt with both upper and lower case letters] Patsy, Stripes, Scary, Hairy, Mary, Ralphie, Alphy, South Finn Grill, Father Jenkins, Uncle Samson, Jack O’Malley II. [middle shelf] Flipper, Firefly, Tambourine, Jamboree, Potpourri, Red Hat, Moody, Cutie, Judy, Hootie, Black Beauty.

I am not naming the rest of the dolls because most of them were destroyed in a freak concrete accident. Oddly enough, the only ones that were saved were Jack O’Malley I and II [along with Head Band Head who is now only literally a head]

The new digital camera is a FUJIFILM 12 Megapixel 3x zoom FINEPIX JV. That sounds fancy. The coolest feature in my biased opinion is the “2 image shot” setting that shoots “two images continuously without flash and with flash”. Here are some examples:

You may be wondering what the above example is of a lady [on the left] cranking a [wo]man-powered flashlight and another lady [on the right] trying to fix a portable light. Three minutes before arriving home around dusk yesterday, a tree branch broke off and fell onto electricity wires, giving the neighborhood a power outage.

Shock and fear ran through the hearts of children, women, and men…cats, dogs, and turtles…aliens, robots, and unicorns. OK, we get the point.

When the power first went out, all the neighbors exited their house, venturing into the streets like the Diaspora. I said to my neighbor Cindy, “It’s a shame the only time we see each other is at a time like this.” She cried onto my shoulder. I then told her to cheer up and informed her of all my sweet dollies that were suffocated by concrete.

The power came back on around 4am. It was scary because the lights/AC/and television all flicked on at once, when it had been dark for such a long time. [this is all a reference from my mom because I peaced out as soon as I found out I wouldn’t be able to watch any Lifetime movies without power]

I’m excited to be reading the Chelsea Handler book. “My Horizontal Life” is the first book in her collection. I read the second book before the first. That’s just how I roll.

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    1. the truth is, jimthemanmayziksj, I sold every one of those dolls on ebay, making over three thousand dollars [in golden coins] then sold the golden coins on ebay for a new 1973 car. I’m proud to say i did so. i had a love/hate relationship w those dolls. they freaked me out.

  1. Hy Becky, I have only one doll in my home, her name is Melissa, she is a porcelain doll (the heritage mint ltd collection-Melissa D35). I saw your love about dolls, so I desire to sell you my little doll. contact me if you are agree!!!!

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