Choice to Travel: Toy Story 3

Katt [my good friend from high school] visited me at work last night around 7pm. I gave her a tour of the floor, she met my boss, and someone thought she was an employee. I looked up movie times for Toy Story 3 and found it played at 6:40pm in Times Square. Little did I know, I was looking up movies in Tyler, Texas.

Katt and I had some extra time after the realization I had the time wrong. I asked her if she thought this was a sign from the universe that I should move to Tyler, Texas. She said she would ask her psychic and let me know, but personally, she did think that’s what it meant.

I had Katt look out the window of the building [I’m on the 24th floor] and she spotted with her tiny eye the new Shake Shack that recently opened on 300 W 44th St, New York. We ventured there.

We didn’t have enough time to sit and eat. Katt was asked to be the new Shake Shack spokesperson.

I ordered a Vanilla Milkshake. Katt ordered a Strawberry milkshake [nooo thank you]. We split fries. She asked me if I wanted to try her strawberry drink and I responded with, “I’d rather be murdered one thousand times than try your milkshake”. Nothing personal, I assured her. I just really don’t like strawberries.

They had some cute memorabilia including this “onesie”.

We had 10 minutes before the movie started after our food arrived, so we snuck the fries and both milkshakes into my purse. Movie tickets were $17.50!!!!!!!! I said to the 16-year-old vender, “I remember when you could see a movie for two dollars and fifty cents.” I found myself saying this in a southern old woman accent. He looked into my eyes with a crazed smiled. I became paranoid that he knew I was hiding food in my bag and was really mocking me. “It’s crazy how people sneak in food,” I blurted out. He tilted his head. Katt pulled my arm and we made our way up the escalator into the theater.

I look like a shady lady. [shoutouttt] The movie was awesomeee. I use three “e”s to convey how great the movie was.

I took a picture of the movie through the 3d glasses’ lens, thinking it would look 3d in the picture. It didn’t work. I can’t perceive how Pixar made the toys look so real! There were so many details. It’s astounding. ASTOUNDING I SAY! I also can’t perceive how 3d is made. I get that they have to film each scene with two cameras- but how does everything look so perfect? SO PERFECT. There are many unanswered questions.

People told me they cried at the end of the movie. One tear formed in my eye, but it never fell down my cheek.

We were walking under the subway when we heard phenomenal piano playing. A crowd was forming around the performer. I stood on my tippy toes and saw the player was a young child dressed in a purple shirt and bow tie. His father, presumable, had a matching outfit. Here is my reaction to seeing the kid.

I watched him for three hours. I was in a trance from the classical songs. I began to whisper his name [or what I potentially thought his name was]. “Jonathan…Patrick…Lionel…Howard…Jasper”

Until his father finally approached me and asked what I did for a living. I told him I was a filmmaker. He invited me to travel across country with them. I said, “Wow, that’s so kind of you. What is your destination?” ”

“Tyler, Texas,” he informed me. I looked at Katt and she winked at me, nodding her head in approval. “I’ll do it,” I said. “I would love to travel with you and your son.”

“That’s my twin brother,” he told me, “He never grew taller than the height of a six year old. We make him look like a kid to get more money”. I thought that was pretty weird and stepped back knocking over the barrell of money, tripping onto the piano breaking it.

I hopped up, took Katt by the arm, and dragged her, sprinting to the subway. Goodbye.

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  1. ok, so before i comment on the blog, i just want to know why I am REQUIRED to type out my name and email above. i mean, come on, its 2028, and by now we should have the technology for the blog to KNOW who i am. ok, so beyond that, this is the funniest thing i have read in a long long time. so i started with this one and went back through june, and plan to go ALL the way back to the very beginning of everything, including this blog. you are one funny, umm, person. keep writing, but more importantly, do something about the REQUIREMENT of having to type in your name and your email. i mean, if they can put a woman on mars (wasnt that amazing when she flipped off the stairway of the lander onto the red red dirt of our neighboring planet?), then cant they KNOW who I am when I sign onto this blog?

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