Four Years of St. Patrick’s Day

It was light outside when leaving work last night. It was a weird yet awesome feeling to be running to catch the subway in the brightness. It was also a picturesque ferry ride home, hence the picture below.

By the time the ferry left, it was pitch dark out but I liked the luminous moments I was able to experience.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. I guess this would be the proper time to send warm wishes to the humans who celebrate the holiday. This is me four years ago from the moment:

This is me three years ago [while visiting emily in italy]:

This is me two years ago [sitting on a rock in poland]:

This is me one year ago:

This is me today:

I am wearing the same shirt that I wore last year. Howww embarrassing. I also have a green phone cover that is new that I purchased at the mall this past weekend. This is the end of the blog. Goodbyeee.

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