Food I’ve Eaten

Over the past few months, I have taken photos of food I ate. Most of them with my Iphone, one is hand painted. After a conversation with my sister and BFFL [best friend for life] Kristen last evening, I decided to compile these photos in this blog entry titled, “Food I’ve Eaten”. I’m guessing this is the reason I have recently gained somewhere between 3-6 pounds. [of weight not of London money]

WHAT: Chicken/fresh mozz cheese/balsamic vinaigrette WHERE: Royal Crown, Staten Island

WHAT: M.O.R. [meatballs/onions/ricotta] pizza WHERE: Deninos Pizzeria Tavern, Staten Island

WHAT: Burrito Bowl with Chicken/lettuce/cheese/sour cream WHERE: Chipotle, Manhattan

WHAT: 20 Wings/Philly Cheesesteak w American Cheese WHERE: Wogies Bar & Grill, West Village Manhattan

WHAT: Grilled cheddar cheese/sweet potato fries WHERE: Circle Diner, Fairfield CT

WHAT: Fried Shrimp/fries/tartar sauce/1 packet of ketchup WHERE: Berkeley Fish Market & Restaurant, Seaside NJ

WHAT: Iced Caramel Macchiato/green straw WHERE: Starbucks, Staten Island

WHAT: Cheddar Cheeseburger/3 pickles WHERE: Tastee Diner, Silver Spring Maryland

WHAT: Olive Salad w/ mayonnaise WHERE: My House, Staten Island 

WHAT: Vodka Sauce Pizza slice WHERE: Some pizzeria by a movie theater, Staten Island

WHAT: Cheeseburger w Shake Shack mayonnaise and fries WHERE: Shake Shack, Upper East Side Manhattan *Tina Fey book was tasty too

WHAT: Memorial Day BBQ 2011 WHERE: My House, Staten Island NY

WHAT: Edamame w spicy mustard WHERE: Nakata, Staten Island

WHAT: Love Roll, Lion King Roll, Happy Crab Roll WHERE: Nakata, Staten Island

WHAT: Chicken Parmesan, Pasta, Red sauce, Ricotta WHERE: My friend’s Mom Sally, Staten Island

WHAT: Chicken Gyros no tomato [shoutout Meaghan] WHERE: Food Cart in Greenwich Village, Manhattan

WHAT: Stuffed Artichoke WHERE: Trattoria Romana, Staten Island

WHAT: Penne w/ Vodka sauce WHERE: Trattoria Romana, Staten Island

WHAT: Cheese Riceball[s] WHERE: Jimmy Max, Staten Island

WHAT: Plain Cheesecake slice w/ powdered sugar and a fork WHERE: Royal Crown, Staten Island

WHAT: Chocolate Chip Cheesecake ice WHERE: Ralph’s Ices, Staten Island

WHAT: Soft Vanilla Ice Cream w/rainbow sprinkles and a plastic spoon WHERE: Ralph’s Ices, Staten Island
Lastly, me as a child dressed as a Hot Dog…

…which is ironic because I don’t like mustard.

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0 thoughts on “Food I’ve Eaten

    1. hahah if you’re every in NY i suggest trying one or more than one of the above. I finished reading Tina Fey’s book and it was hilarious. I love her. Have you read it?

  1. The pizza with vodka sauce was my favorite, probably because I love pizza and I love vodka and I love sauce. Put ’em all together and you got yourself a tasty pizza pie-a!

  2. You manage to make photos of food into a funny (and delicious looking) post. Love the hot dog costume. My sister has a dachshund and made her a hot dog costume too. With mustard.

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