5 BEST WAYS to go green.

Happy Earth Day!

Today I got a message from our company about printing and saving paper with the message to think before you print: “Do you really need to print this? Does it really need to be in color?” I am going to ask myself that before I print. I have also been inspired to make a list of ways I go green in my life:

1. Eat less salad: When I buy a head of lettuce from the supermarket [carrying it under my shirt instead of wasting a plastic bag], I immediately take it home, place it on a cutting board, and chop it in half. I put one half in the fridge- I take the other half, open the front door and chuck it down the street for the local wildlife to feed.

2. Lotion my body at night: This keeps lotion from being absorbed by the sun, resulting in keeping my skin smoother, longer, so I don’t to use as much lotion. I heard it takes up to 200 newly blossomed freesias to make one 4oz bottle of sheer freesia body cream. I am not willing to murder all those freesias.

3. Conserve my tears in ziplock bag: Whenever I feel the inkling of a tear about to come out of my eye, I run and get a small ziplock bag to cry into. I then send the tears to the closest reservoir with a “your welcome” note. Great ways to make yourself cry are sitting in a dark room with a candle/sentimental music, standing in front of a fan with your eyes wide open, or yawning really big.

4. Take 25 second showers: First I turn on the water and let it run for three minutes, adjusting the temperature to my liking. I hop in the shower [the key is to lather up before getting in the shower] and wash the suds from my body. Shampoo and condition at the same time.

5. Bike to work: I removed my bike from storage under the house, cleaned it up using a roll of Bounty paper towels, and sped off to work. It took me double time to get into the city, I almost got arrested going over the Verrazzanno Bridge, then caused the crash of a delivery truck sending bagels, flying all of the road. The Bridge was closed for 45 minutes and cars sat stalled, running. I was able to strategically drive around the bagels, and grabbed breakfast.

Which of these do you already do?  Which ones are you going to focus on this next year?  And what can you add to the list?

That was back when I used to date the earth. We kept it on the dl [down low] because we didn’t know what kind of reactions we’d get from our peers. Things didn’t work out, thank goodness. The earth was mad immature.

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  1. Wow, that was such a long time ago. We did have some good times hanging out though. Even if I was the third wheel. We’ve all moved on to greener pastures, I guess.

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