For the past three years, I have been recording one second of video every day. See Year One here, and Year Two here. Watch Year Three below.


3.17.14 Laughing at Barcelona ’92 improv show.
4.1.14   Emily (sister) shows knee high stocking.
4.2.14   Holding up my bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding.
3.2.14   Sketch Writing 101 class at UCB
4.6.14   By chance, run into my friends Tara and Dave at Target!
4.7.14   Choose between iced coffee flavors butter pecan and cookie dough. (butter pecan wins.)
4.8.14   Visit Nana’s empty house.
4.12.14   Emily’s (sister) wedding at Liberty House in Jersey City.
4.13.14   Breakfast with out-of-state cousins Danny, Eric and Amanda!
4.14.14   Devin reveals photo of a portrait of myself that he bought from me to put in his apartment!
4.15.14   I play piano. Dad reads newspaper.
4.16.14   Kathy Griffin standup at St. George Theater in Staten Island. (won tickets at fashion show)
4.19.14   Dad fixes door lock.
4.20.14   Easter Bunny parade in Point Pleasant, New Jersey!
4.22.14   Friend Archie tells me to, “Do what I want.” An inspirational phrase for life.
4.25.14   By chance, ran into college friends (Sarah, Tony, Katie) on 8th ave. They invited me to this happy hour!
4.27.14   Show 98-yr-old neighbor, Nana Q, a photo of her and my sister from my sister’s wedding.
4.29.14   See The DownBeat Keys perform!
4.30.14   GypsyDanger improv team!
5.3.14   Portrait in Nana’s basement.
5.5.14   Dad stretches at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island. Looking at the NYC skyline.
5.11.14   Mother’s Day. Emily is the perfect hostess.
5.13.14   Editing my PIT 35 Kids & Counting video.
5.14.14   Watching the movie Naked Gun. (I think)
5.15.14   Mom saying “I love you” to her 92 year Aunt.
5.16.15   Community service day at work.
5.17.14   Martin Short at St. George Theater in Staten Island!
5.20.14   Meaghan and I on “The Morning Buzz” on VH1 with Nick Lachey
5.21.14   Looking at 98-yr-old neighbor Nana Q through window.
5.29.14   Ingrid Michaelson concert!
5.30.14   NYC skyline from Staten Island Ferry.
5.31.14  Sketch Group Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting
6.1.14   Dad drives past me while I’m running. Stops to take my video.
6.3.14   Mother reads on Facebook that my cousin is pregnant with a boy child.
6.4.14   Relaxing after run at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island.
6.5.14   Self Portrait with pianos.
6.6.14   Visiting best friend Kristen at her new job at the NYU Medical Center
6.7.14   5 year college (Fairfield University) reunion!
6.8.14   Fun at Magically Delicious improv rehearsal.
6.10.14   Sister is front and center in the “Teacher Lip Sync” at the school she teaches.
6.12.14   Cousin, Ryan, falls down in the ocean in Tulum, Mexico
6.13.14   Swing in hammock.
6.14.14   Cousin Crissy marries Joel in a Mayan beach ceremony!
6.17.14   Trivia night in Jersey City!
6.18.14   Improv team Family Haircut!
6.20.14   Post improv rehearsal with Kaitlin, Brian, and Nina
6.22.14   Sweet stranger moment. 🙁
6.23.14   Emily in front of “The Bean” in Chicago, IL!
6.24.14   Tour of Wrigley Field!
6.26.14   First Chicago deep dish pizza!
6.27.14   Enthusiastic tour guide sings Frank Sinatra’s “Chicago.”
6.28.14   Lake Michigan is cold to touch!
7.3.14   Posing with sister post-dinner on her birthday.
7.4.14   Adam shoots a basket.
7.7.14   Late nigh pizza with Mom in NYC.
7.9.14   Attend “Character Jam” at UCBEast. I just observe.
7.11.14   Kipp Family backyard BBQ.
7.12.14   Getting a tour of the Staten Island Dump!
7.14.14   Jumping into Kristen’s pool. As she lays on grass in background.
7.15.14   Dunkin Donuts coffee with nurse Kristen.
7.17.14   We Love TV’s Kaitlin and Luke speaking after show.
7.18.14   Members of improv team Barcelona ’92 chant “Barcelona ’92” at Houston BeerHall in NYC.
7.20.14   Actress Melissa Joan Hart in ice cream line in background at Yankees Game!
7.24.14   David and Katie perform song at a variety show on Lower East Side of NYC.
7.27.14   Baby cousins in Seaside, NJ.
7.30.14   Holiday improv team rehearsal.
7.31.14   David Carl’s David Busey show in BK.
8.1.14   Post Ingrid Michaelson concert in diner, Emily is upset over lottery ticket loss.
8.4.14   Cousin Danny smiles in Madison Square Park.
8.5.14   Late night dancing in Seaside Heights, NJ bar.
8.9.14   Cousin Danny stares at television in Seaside Heights, NJ bar.
8.10.14   Nana Q tells us how she used to “write to Joe (her husband) everyday.”
8.14.14   Sit on couch in sister’s condo.
8.16.14   First time seeing North Coast hip hop improv!!!
8.19.14   Acting like kids again with cousins on the Seaside Heights boardwalk rides.
8.20.14   Sketch group Horse Hoof writing session in Washington Square Park.
8.22.14   Cousin James gets ready for daycare.
8.23.14   Waiting for our AirBnB to be ready in Amsterdam with cousin Megan!
8.24.14   Anne Frank house in Amsterdam.
8.25.14   View of canal from third floor of our airBnB canal house.
8.26.14   Rando Amsterdam cat on mo-ped.
8.27.14   Late night pool with college friend MaryEllen in London!!!
8.28.14   Big Ben in London!
8.29.14   New York friend Ashley Ward post Baby Wants Candy show in London!
8.30.14   New friend Minnie smiles and laughs!
8.31.14   Minnie’s baptism!
9.1.14   Almost home with cousin Megan!
9.3.14   Improv teammate Tom doesn’t grab spoon quickly enough in the card game of Spoons.
9.5.14   The talented Chris Roberti’s solo show.
9.7.14   At Penn Station. Reunited with my personal journal that I left on the Metro North train!
9.9.14   Went to Staten Island Ferry to watch fireworks, but my sister had the start time wrong.
9.10.14   Post-rehearsal to PIT car ride 🙂
9.12.14   Dinner on sidewalk cafe in West Village, NYC.
9.18.14   Run into friend Liz in PIT bathroom!
9.19.14   Lights on Anna’s face.
9.20.14   Drop Colorado Cousin Crissy at hotel in Jersey City. Mom gives her hug before we leave.
9.21.14   Fro-yo with Horse Hoof after missing the open jam at Magnet Theater.
9.22.14   Self-portrait in neighbor Nana Q’s house.
9.27.14   Favorite hill to bike down at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island.
9.28.14   Run into parents while biking. They go in for the hug.
9.30.14   Holiday improv rehearsal waving!
10.1.14   Horse Hoof giddy up dancing!
10.2.14   Cousin Mary Kate at italian restaurant Trattoria Romana.
10.6.14   Horse Hoof rehearsal. Nate is the “invisible boyfriend.”
10.9.14   Premiering Horse Hoof sketch show as part of the 2014 NYC Sketchfest!
10.10.14  See movie Skeleton Twins in Union Square.
10.11.14   Cousin Elizabeth has baby Hudson!
10.13.14   Witch putting in light bulb self portrait.
10.15.14   Surprising co-workers Meaghan and Helen by randomly showing up at office.
10.16.14   Post We Love TV’s Will and Grace show!
10.17.14   West Village morning coffee.
10.22.14   Attending my first event at the Youtube space in Chelsea Market.
10.24.14   Kristen tries on glove in Chelsea Market store Anthropologie.
10.27.14   Editing poster for Solo Show.
10.28.14   Cleaning witch self-portrait.
10.31.14   Co-worker “Jaimie Scrubbi” poses with giant hamburger.
11.1.14   See Kristen’s apartment for first time.
11.2.14   Rehearse violin for upcoming Solo Comedy Show.
11.4.14   Tamsi receives gift from improv team DIVO.
11.8.14   High School friend Alex’s bachelorette brunch in NYC!
11.9.14   Rehearse violin for upcoming Solo Comedy Show.
11.10.14   Holiday recording video for Nate. David says, “Tutti Fruitti.”
11.15.14   Nate Foster’s Solo Show as part of the 2014 SOLOCOM Festival!
11.16.14   My solo show premiere as part of the 2014 SOLOCOM Festival!
11.18.14   Amy Sedaris panel talk after viewing the The Heart She Holler.
11.19.14   The Lunchmen members James Coker and Tim Racine do an amazing interpretive dance!
11.22.14   Stephanie bonds with medical dummy!
11.24.14   Nate and his butterfingers!
11.27.14   Cousin Danny shows little tree figure he carved.
11.28.14   Helping put up huge tree near Kingston, NY!
11.30.14   Family friend Heather shows off baby sonogram.
12.2.14   Eric Hellwig open mic standup.
12.3.14   Nate recording me for his One Second video as I record him for mine.
12.4.14   Protest passing as I wait for bus.
12.10.14   Ingrid Michaelson Holiday Hop Concert!
12.13.14   Will wins prize at PIT Holiday Party.
12.17.14   My 27th birthday!
12.19.14   Rebecca and Evan in Your Love Our Musical. *an hilarious musical comedy improv show*
12.22.14   Took cousins Gus and James to see the “rubbish” (trash chute)
12.25.14   Playing Spiderman with cousin James.
12.28.14   Just heard my sister saw Ingrid Michaelson in the Staten Island Starbucks parking lot.
12.29.14   Dog sit co-workers dog, Amos!
12.30.14   Friends John and Mike sing outside on street. Minutes before my taxi cab car accident!
12.31.14   Dog sitting New Years with Katt and Blair!
1.1.15   Car accident eye 1.
1.2.15   Car accident eye 2.
1.5.15   Smooch with Amos.
1.6.15   Car accident eye 3.
1.7.15   UCB IMPROV 401!
1.9.15   Selfie-stick tutorial with co-worker Jenny!
1.10.15   Ugly sweater singer/songwriter party!
1.11.15   Dinner before Improvised Shakespeare with Ashley, Tamsi, and Nate!
1.13.15   Spoon game at Tamis’s apartment with improv team Holiday!
1.15.15   Hearing the Paul Simon song, “Obvious Child” for the first time with cousin Blair.
1.17.15   Performed with PIT improv team Big Black Car!
1.19.15   Cat sit for the cat named Cassie in Manhattan!
1.21.15   Ran into Mauricio on Park Ave.
1.22.15   Kevin and a woman from Staten Island at the Magnet Theater.
1.23.15   Albertina and her cat Munch.
1.26.15   Dinner at Emily’s condo during the blizzard.
1.27.15   Eating a homemade Cinnabun while watching the movie Moonstruck for the first time!
1.31.15   Post UCB improv 401 class show lunch.
2.5.15   Morning coffee has me like…
2.7.15   Making baby shower decorations with Diana.
2.8.15   My Father wonders if the video I’m taking is “Facebook Worthy”
2.9.15   New PIT improv team Jean Pool in their denim!
2.10.15   A random stranger on the subway platform!
2.11.15   My Father and car rental salesman hold trophy because my Dad thought it was funny.
2.12.15   On my way to the bus, randomly walked past Kanye West coming out of a luxury trailer.
2.13.15   “Guacamole Friday” with friends Mike, Aaron, and Albertina!
2.19.15   New friend John watching my last year’s One Second A Day
2.20.15   Dancing in office before I head home to my new favorite song, Kiss You On the Cheek
2.25.14   A delicious breakfast of oatmeal and coffee at my work desk.
2.26.15   River is ice filled as I cross the Verrazano Bridge.
2.27.15   Drinking a milkshake in my grandma’s old car. Listening to old casette tapes.
3.3.15   Last UCB improv 401 class show at UCBEast.
3.7.15   Heather’s baby shower. She thought it was a surprise party for her mother. But it was for her!
3.8.15   Cat sitting again!
3.9.15   Arthur Meyer performs his “Happy Rapping Waiter” song!
3.12.15   Cassie the cat initiates contact!
3.12.15   After my solo comedy show, Nate and I pretend to move in Slow Motion!
3.13.15   Nat and Armand dance for their lives!
3.16.15   Backstage during my solo comedy show!
3.17.15   Looking in the mirror at the Colonnade Diner on Staten Island!

Many amazing moments!

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