SATURDAY, 2/21/15

Today I put on my shoes.



I drove into Manhattan with my mother.

Had a 1:15pm improv 401 class show at UCB Theater.

The show ended.

I walked outside.

It was snowing.

I saw my friend Rocky.

“Your Mom went to look for your car,” Rocky told me, “she thinks your car got towed.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah. She got a phone call from your car’s security system.”

“Interesting,” I said, “Thanks for letting me know Rocky. I’m going to go. Bye.”

I walked toward 9th Avenue.

I found my mother.


Standing in front of the place we parked our car two hours before.

Our car was no longer there.

In the spot where our car was, was a peanut.

Untitled-10 Untitled-11

“I saw your car get towed. I told the tower that it was mean to tow your car. But he towed it anyway. Now there’s a peanut,” this sweet lady told us.


We saw a “No Parking” sign next to the parking spot. One we had not noticed before.

My Mom and I stood under a church’s awning.

We never had our car towed before.

I called 911. 911 told me to call 311. 311 gave me the phone number to the towing pound.

Our car was at the NYPD tow pound on 38th and 12th Ave.



I felt inconvenienced.

I did not have pressing plans, like manatee tickets to see “Matilda” on Broadway.

I did have plans to spend the afternoon writing productively.

We took a cab to 37th and 12th Ave. 12th Ave is the West Side Highway.

Walked along the highway to 38th.


Crossed the highway.

Got to the NYPD Pound.

Untitled-14 copy

Walked inside.

Encountered a line of people.


Got called up to Window Three.

Showed my license.

Paid $185.

tow pound

Walked down a hallway.

Waited in this room for someone to come and escort me to my car.

My Mom talked to this man who worked at the pound.

Untitled-20 copy

Man: Are you guys from New York?

Mom: Staten Island. Becky, she took improv classes so she had her like, class graduation show.

Man: Oh, ok

Mom: So that’s where we went.

Man: Long day, huh.

Mom: Yeah, but it was good.

Man: Yeah. I hear ya. That’s it right, you go home now.

Mom: Yes. Do you live in the City?

Man: I live in the Bronx.

Man: Does it take you long to get here?

Man: No. I got my truck.

Mom: Ok.

Man: Takes me probably 30 minutes. That depends on traffic. Yesterday I was bumper to bumper on the West Side Highway.

Mom: Same today.

Man: You ever hear of ParkChester? Parking sucks over there, man.

We walked out of the room into a parking garage.

I was escorted in a police car from the front of the parking garage.


To the back.

Where my car was.


My Mom had to wait at the front of the garage.

I picked her up.

We left the garage.

Drove home.


Met my father and his duck.

dad and duck

Had a late lunch at Dominick’s Bakery on Staten Island.

I drank a hot chai tea.


And ate my favorite meal.

Breaded eggplant wrap with mozzerella cheese, roasted red pepper sauce and sweet potato fries.

dominick's bakery food

Went home and took a 2 1/2 hour nap.

The End.

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