My Neighbor owns 6 Flavors of Ice Cream

Neighbor. Adopted Grandmother. Soul Sister.

Nana Q.

When my Dad and I arrived home tonight, Nana Q was outside throwing out her garbage. Arm in arm, we walked back into her house.

She was having an after dinner treat and offered me a choice of one of the 6 Flavors of ice cream she had. I chose Peanut Butter Ripple.

We walked around her house and she showed me her things, like we do every time I go over. She spends and has spent countless hours writing and reading, and creating at this desk. When I was young, I picked pencilsĀ from the holder to write with. The pencils were so old, that their erasers no longer worked, but created smudges on the page.

This is her yellow door which leads to a cold back porch where the cat sometimes rests.

Animal beanie babies are sprinkled throughout the house and are used as ornaments for the Christmas Tree.

This cat doesn’t trust me.

This is Nono Q who is remembered through pictures and letters and stories.

Nana Q is 95 years old and attends painting classes. Her house is like a gallery. She is a feisty lady.

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