That Country Song: IF I DIE YOUNG

I had 5 free minutes before I left the house for work this morning. I spent it in the recliner watching The Band Perry perform If I Die Young at the Country Music Awards. My sister DVR’d the show, which aired this past week. The Band Perry consists of three country-sangin’-siblings [CSS]. I don’t know anything about them and usually reject all country music, but the particular song they sang intrigued me.

Here I am sitting this morning. For clarity purposes, I labeled objects in the room.

Reverse view.

My sister and I were born, raised and currently live in Staten Island, NY. She is a country music fan. I am not. On long car rides, she plays country songs from her IPod. She does on short car rides as well. I anticipate the moment when I can skip to the next song. I used to pride myself on rejecting the genre. There was no mystery to the songs that country singers sang about. They all told the same silly story set to words. I’ll admit that my reasons for not liking country aren’t strong or valid.

I heard If I Die Young weeks ago in the car on the FM radio. FM is an abbreviation for frequency modulation. I, at first, thought the song to be annoying. I pictured the singer being a naive Indie soloist. Why is this girl singing about dying young? I asked myself as I drove to get a large Vanilla/Oreo McFlurry. Butterfinger McFlurrys used to be my favorite, but they stopped making it.

I watched the CMAs. I discovered the song was country. When I heard it live, I started to like the song. I liked the band who sang it; a sister and her two brothers. I like the beat of the song. It became meaningful. It is a sad song. She sings about becoming a rainbow and shining her colorful light upon her mother. Jeeze. Wrench to the heart.

I purchased the song via my IPHONE after a nighttime run on the boardwalk. I now love the song.

This morning, I heard a girl listening to the song through her Ipod headphones in the elevator. She was all “smiling” and “nonchalant”.

I looked at her.

I felt cheated on. The song wasn’t just mine. It made me feel like all humans are the same. I felt like a tiny ant. No. I felt like a little baby infant ant.

This is the fourth, yes FOURTH, country music song I really like.

Country Music Songs I Like to date: 
1. Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band
2. Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland
3. If I Die Young by The Band Perry
4. What Hurts the Most by The Rascall Flats

Because I like four country music songs, I entered myself in the television show “America’s Next Top Carry Underwood” [ANTCU]. Here is my headshot. The only way to enter in the show is if your last name is Underwood. Mine is not. I forged my birth certificate with a white colored pencil. Just like teenagers “chalk” their IDs to make themselves appear older. I hope I win it all.

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0 thoughts on “That Country Song: IF I DIE YOUNG

  1. Respectfully, I HATE “If I Die Young” (too depressing) and “Stuck Like Glue” (too corny), but I do like country music. I LOVE “What Hurts the Most”, Oreo McFlurrys, and every one of your blogs. 🙂

    1. Firstly, thank you for being respectful. Secondly, I think your opinions are very valid. Stuck Like Glue IS Cheesy and a bit Gluey. Thank you for reading and commenting!!!!! It brings me actual happiness.

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