3 Random Thoughts.

This is my song of the day. We’re Going to Be Friends by The White Stripes It is dedicated to you, my beloved blog reader. I liked this song, then figured out The White Stripes sing it. I am beginning to like The White Stripes more and more.

Imagine if you were a tourist and you asked someone to take your picture. Imagine if the person who you asked to take your picture happened to be a professional photographer. In that case you would get an awesome photo, fo’ free. There are the things I think about on my commute.

OMG next year I am going to be NANA, the grandmotherly dog from Peter Pan, as my Halloween costume. GENIUS.

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  1. Your post got me thinking.

    So I googled.

    There are 158,000 professional photographers in the US!
    The US has a population of 307,006,550 which means you have a .05% chance of getting a real photographer when you ask a stranger to take a picture.

    If you ask 2,000 people in your lifetime to take a picture for you, statistically speaking you are bound to have at least one good professional one- for free! wow.

    1. good god. denise i was scrolling down to leave a comment on how much i loved this blog post…which i obvi still do…but im almost in love with your ninja math skills right now even more.

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