Fun For All Ages Magazine

My cousin Mary Kate, sister Emily and I would have sleep overs and pretend we were magazine editors.

We were around the ages of 9 and 10 and 11.

We’d spend hours in Mary Kate’s upstairs den cutting out and clipping together magazine content.

I found one of our magazines.

It was dedicated to our grandparents, Nana and Bop.

Here is the front cover.

We made sure we each got a chance to make our mark. I like the alternating red and blue coloring.

It is important to have a sports survey.

Looks like Basketball is the most popular sport. Closely followed by swimming. Skiing is the least favorite. 

Here are some popular hair styles.

I remember the pigtail three bow combo was very popular back then.

That gum sure does look “delious”. 

Here is the movie rating page giving fat thumbs up or down.

Of course we have the “Help” section.

We really gave great advice.

Mary Kate wrote this one.

My advice was to simple and to the point. 

Here is the game section!

Word “unsarmble”!

I’m glad this connect the dots came with directions.

Here are our mini-biographies.

Mary Kate wants a dog soooooooo badly.

Emily wants to grow up to win an “olimpic gold” medal for gymnastics.

Her only training up until this point was when she once attended her friend’s gymnastics themed birthday party.

My hand writing looks a bit more simple.

I wish I owned the cute orange cat that we babysat.

Here are stylish watches. 

I labeled each part of the watch just in case readers got confused.

It is important to point out the “setup”.

No smoking/CK ads.

Mary Kate thought Calvin Klein perfume was great. 

Again, no smoking. We care. 

The magazine ends with a McDonalds ad. Our very clever slogan: “Nice people. Food is Great. Go there now.”

Read this magazine with your family for some good family fun!

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