“Write a poem about your cupcakes and i’ll put it on my blog!” I messaged my friend Kristen on g-chat.

I am a muse.

Here is Kristen’s poem:


Bite-sized, mini pies

Packed with something sweet

In the heat, down the street

I trek so I can eat

White cake, chocolate chips, sugary crumbs galore

Tomorrow, that’s where I’ll be, just to get some more!

**Book club discussion questions and answers**

1) What was unique about Kristen’s poem?
It has the word “mini-pies” in it. It’s a cute word.

2) Do the characters seem real and believable?

3) Would you make a “trek” in “the heat” just for a measly cupcake? How far would you go?
For a red velvet cupcake, I would dig myself out of an avalanche using a gelato spoon!

4) How does the character change or evolve throughout the course of the poem?
In the beginning the character (Kristen) wants cupcakes. In the end the character (Kristen) wants more cupcakes. The level of intensity that she wants the cupcakes increases.

5) In what way do the events of the poem reveal the author’s world vies?
The girl loves food.

Thanks Kristen!

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