National Appreciate Your Own Hand Day [NAYOHD]

Today is National Appreciate Your Own Hand Day [NAYOHD]. Our hands are hard workers. They should be acknowledged.

I refer to my hand as “it” because it is neither a boy nor a girl. It is a hand!

To show my appreciation, I took it on a trip to Times Square in NYC!

My hand wasn’t excited. I work in Times Square. I am here every day. This is old news for my hand. It was bored.

The truth is, the day snuck up on me. I didn’t remember it was NAYOHD until I was on the bus already on my way to work. I didn’t appreciate my hand until an hour and a half after I woke up. It’s like spending the afternoon with your ┬ábest friend on her birthday and forgetting it was her birthday.

I knew my hand was really insulted when it slapped me in the face.

To make it up to my hand, I am taking both hands out tonight to an expensive dinner. To let my hands relax, I’m going to eat my food like a dog. Actually, I’m going to eat my food like a lady cat. They have better table manners. My hands can relax. Later in the night, we are going finger painting!

I typed this blog entry with my nose.

How are you going to appreciate your hand?

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0 thoughts on “National Appreciate Your Own Hand Day [NAYOHD]

    1. hahahaha. Thank you. My nickname was “goofy” for the first week of school in 10th grade. Nail painting and jewelry is a GREAT idea. WOOHOO. my hand will be so happy. So will yours.

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