Asbury Park Run

I took a run in Asbury Park, NJ today. I suppose I should say I “gave” a run because I exerted a lot of energy as I did it.

I wore a long sleeve black t-shirt. It caused heat to incubate around my body producing an excess about of sweat. I don’t usually sweat that much, if at all. But today I did.

I once saw a television special about a child born with no sweat glands. He couldn’t ride his bike.

Here is the boardwalk entrance. It looks like an abandoned carnival. Creepy!

A seagull sat, people-watching.

“Hello sir,” I said, “perchance can I measure your wing span?”

“Sure,” he said.

I looked in this binocular thing but saw nothing. I didn’t insert 25 cents. I had no money.

I took a picture of my feet. I like to live on the edge.

I got upset after seeing this sign. I used to LOVE fishing on that side of the fence.

A wedding started on the beach. People watched from the boardwalk.

This woman balanced a tonic water bottle on her head. With her right knee in the air. Impressive.

I couldn’t beat her talent so I stopped running and drove home.

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