My Sunday in 42 Photos

Yesterday was Sunday, December 4, 2011.

I awoke at 7:55am.

Got dressed in exercise clothes.

Discovered sweaters and screens drying in the bath tub.

Had a cleaning woman broken into and cleaned our house?

I left the house with my mother. Headed on a coffee run.

My mother was surprised to see presents in the window box. I put them in there myself the night before. She thinks they’re from Santa.

It’s cute to see her excited.

I unlocked the car with my electronic key.

It is comfortable to drive with my foot perched on the dashboard.

It is safe to drive with my hand on the wheel.

At the intersection, a turkey crossed the road. This is not a joke.

My Mother felt bad for it and feared it’s safety.

I call the turkey “it” because I don’t know if it is a boy or a girl. I don’t like to make assumptions and be proven wrong.

I drank a Medium Iced Coffee with Milk.

I dropped my mother at the deli. A deli is like a convenient store that sells food/milk/eggs/bread/granola bars.

I waited outside the deli.

I witnessed a man carry a child on his shoulders.

What a clever method to transport a child. 

My Mother exited the deli. She brought a loaf of Martin’s POTATO BREAD.

I wondered who Martin is? How old is he? Was it his dream in life to be an entrepreneur of potato bread?

We took a ride in the car.

We passed St. Stanislaus’s Church.

It is the one used in the 1988 Romantic Dramatic Comedy “Working Girl”.

We drove down the street. 

And passed the apartment where the main character [Melanie Griffith] lives with her boyfriend [Alec Baldwin].

In the movie, she breaks up with him because he cheated, and I don’t mean on a math test. 

We returned home.

My Mom stood in the den. A den is a room in a house used to relax, hang out, and watch television.

She just had the wallpaper removed and walls painted dark tan.

Happiness emanated from her skin.

She was satisfied with the color.

I laid in bed and uploaded photos to my computer.

The position I am in is comfortable for twenty minutes before my neck hurts.

My sister was leaving to go shopping with my Mom.

She shook my hand goodbye.

I walked downstairs. My dog slept on an orange towel.

The sunlight hit the rug.

I questioned why the dog wouldn’t want to sleep in the sunlight where it would be warmer.

I answered saying she probably didn’t want the sun in her eyes.

I went into the kitchen and held a spoon. 

I used it to eat a scoop of peanut butter.

Peanut butter gives me the energy.

I need energy to exercise.

I crouched next to my dog.

She sniffed my hand.

I train her as a puppy detective just in case I’m on a hike and get lost in the woods.

I stretched my right leg while watching Saturday Night Live.

Guest star: Steve Buscemi. Musical Guest: The Black Keys

It is smart to stretch your muscles before a run.

I did an interpretive dance.

I hope a spying neighbors see my talent. 

I ran two miles. I didn’t take any pictures on the run because I was too lazy.

The peanut butter didn’t provide me with the energy I had hoped.

I got back in the car; headed to the Giants football game. The Giants were playing the Green Bay Packers.

I wore sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun.

I drove South on the Garden State Parkway.

I love driving and listening to my ipod on shuffle. 

I met my cousins, Kaitlin and Blair at the rest stop parking lot.

I am from Staten Island, NY. Kaitlin and Blair are from New Jersey.

Kaitlin is two days younger than me. Blair is a year younger than us.

I am 23. Blair is 22.

They are in the tan Honda SUV.

I got out of my black Honda SUV. 

My cousins had a sandwich waiting for me.

TuRkEy, MoZzeReLlA cHeEsE, LeTtUcE, and mAyO on a rOlL.

I love typing food in the UPPERCASE/lowercase alternation. It’s my thing. It’s what I’m known for.

Here is Blair and I posing in the stadium parking lot. 

Here is Kaitlin and I.

I hugged her because I love her. 

Here are mad birds.

I use the word “mad” to refer to the large amount of them. They were not emotionally mad.

The coolest part of the day was seeing Blair’s gloves.

They are “texting gloves”.

The pointer finger and thumb are made out of a material that registers on the Iphone keyboard.

I need these. Especially for when I run and need to change the song on my ipod.

I held her hand with my glove.

She thought I was just being nice. I was really trying to steal her glove.

I really only needed one of them.

My plan was foiled when fireworks went off.

The loud noise scared Blair. She cried like a baby.

In my opinion, it was embarrassing for her.

We took a cousin portrait via Blair’s Iphone.

It made Blair feel better.

I was looking at her glove the whole time.

The last time I attended a Giant’s game, the hot chocolate was free.

This time, the hot chocolate was $4.95. Blair and I were shocked by the expensive price.

To get my moneys worth, I loaded the top with whipped cream.

Blair and I cheers’d our drinks. 

I dozed off to sleep.

I imagined what it would be like to own my own Football team.

Just thinking about how I would organize concession vendors throughout the stadium gave me anxiety.

It turned into a nightmare.

Kaitlin enjoyed the free crackerjacks.

Blair feared contamination of her immune system.

The Giants lost. It was a close game.

We rode the escalator out of of the stadium.

I made a “sad” face.

Blair AND A BRITISH STRANGER gave me bunny ears.

I couldn’t believe a stranger gave me bunny ears. Look at her long nails.

We got to Kaitlin’s car and wrote words on the fogged windows.

I wrote the word “bicycle”. 

Blair wrote her name.

She is so clever. 

They dropped me back at the rest stop.

I drove home. 

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