My Holiday Video: Ciggerette Smoking Angel

Last week I stretched my legs before going for a run. It is good to stretch your legs before exerting them physically. It helps prevent injury.

Florence and The Machine song “Cosmic Love” played on my Ipod.

I was standing eye level with a Christmas Fairy ornament that my mother had hung on the wall as a decoration.

This experience inspired the video below.


You may have noticed I smoked a ciggerette in the video. You may have noticed the angel smoked in the video.

I don’t smoke in real life. I don’t smoke in fake life. The angel does.

I drove to the deli down the block from my house. It felt funny buying cigarettes. I am such a “goodie goodie” person meaning I don’t like getting in trouble. I’m afraid to show my mother this video. I think she will yell at me for handling a lit cigg.

I always hated when classmates tried to cheat off me on a test in school. I felt as bad for cheating as I would if I murdered a flock of sheep for fun.

“What are the cheapest ciggerettes you have?” I asked the attendant.

He asked for ID. I showed it to him. I am 23 years old. He handed me a pack of ciggs for $10.95.

I used one cigg to make this video.

I threw the rest of the ciggs in the garbage.

Thank  you to my sister, Emily for filming me in this video. Even though in one scene, she forgot to press record.

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