I spent the entire day in meditation. My face got sunburnt. Luckily I was wearing a long sleeved zipper-up, so my arms remain white, like a Halloween ghost. I am referencing the holiday because Halloween is tomorrow.

My sister also participated in meditation. She has wonderful form. She curves her pointer fingers towards her thumbs to form a circle with each hand, as if she were milking the teet of a cow.

My mother likes to meditates with her hands palm up, as if she was holding two mini ice cream cakes. She wore a smirk on her face. Every now and then she would peek open her left eye and glance at the lopsided barbecue cover. 

We are all very relaxed now.

When done meditating, I swam in the sky. I’m becoming better at this and can float in the air for up to a minute. I am relieved because I read in “Meditating and Flying” magazine that by my age, I should be able to fly around the block. “Slowly but surely,” is what I whisper to myself.

I hung from the kitchen ceiling by my thumbs. My neighbor peeked through the window just as I was dangling. She screamed and ran away. I heard her footsteps in the leaves. I looked around nervously and floated down to the floor. I ate a bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal.

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