Me and Celine Dion: Through The Years

I was going through my memory box last night and came across loads and loads of pictures of me and Celine Dion when I was her agent. [Before the falling out]

Here is a picture of us when I had platinum blonde hair and always wore purple plaid. That’s how I advertised my agency. “I’m the agent who has platinum blonde hair and always wear purple plaid.”

Celine really loved me; as you can tell by her hand resting ever-so-gently on my shoulder.

This is after I convinced Celine to chop off her hair. She was so pleased with the outcome, that she insisted we do a black and white photo shoot.

This is after Celine convinced me to get a short hair cut. I also put on a few pounds. I still wore purple, but no more plaid. I advertised my agency saying, “I’m the agent who has wispy short hair and wears plaid suits.”

After this picture was taken, Celine told me she was worried that I had some kind of disease because my hands were aging faster than my body.

Here is a picture from when I was young, cute, and hot. I was awesome and wore hoop earrings. Celine thought I was the S#$*. We went to mad parties together. The paparazzi were like starved vultures.

Celine was infertile, so I was the surrogate mother of her twin babies. I carried them in my body for 9 months. They turned out really cutely.

We had our falling out a year ago to the day. I thought she would leave her husband and marry me and we would raise her kids together. She had other plans. Her husband Renee don’t get along anymore. 

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  1. You have no idea how much I love her. Falling Into You was the first cd I ever bought.

    If I knew you were her agent, I would have had you sign it!!!!!


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