Interview With Jessica, the former graffiti artist

Here is an interview with my co-worker, Jessica who manages the production team for the MTV On-Air-Promos department. She is a town-reknowned graffiti artist. Because she posted photos of her art on Facebook, she was arrested and charged with five counts of Criminal Mischief.

b: How are you doing today?
j: Much better now that you’ve asked me, thanks.
b: You’re welcome. [smiley face]

b: My first dog’s name was Jessica. I think she was a Doberman. 
j: Oh, really?
b: Yeah.

b: Have you had a baby in the past year? If so, was it a boy or a girl? How old is he/she?
j: Haha. So this is a standard question you ask everyone?
b: I wouldn’t say that necessarily.
j: Yes. I had a baby girl. Her name is Liliana. [Today] is her 6-month-old birthday.
b: What a coincidence! Happy half-birthday!

b: Have you ever written anyone a fan letter? If so, please describe in detail.
j: Well, never a fan letter but I do have an embarrassing story of something that could qualify as a fan letter.
b: Perfect. What is it?
j: Bear in mind I was under 10 years old and my parents are Democrats but supportive of whatever I do, so…I sent a birthday card in the 80’s to Ronald Reagan because we share a birthday. I got a birthday card back from the White House!
b: That is amazing.

b: What is the most recent concert you’ve been to?
j: Glee live in concert. Yup.
b: I like you more as a person after hearing that. I actually love Glee as well. My favorite song is their cover of “Valerie”.

b: Assuming you’ve answered yes to having a baby, and assuming he/she cannot speak yet, take a guess what his/her first word will be.
j: Cat. We have a cat and say cat a lot around her when he slinks by.
b: Is your cat’s name slinky?
j: No.

b: Describe what you ate for dinner last night.
j: Uh, a few hand fulls of Special K Cereal.
b: Sounds filling.

b: Do you answer calls from numbers you don’t recognize on your personal cell phone?
j: no.
b: Me neither. 

b: Do you believe, in any context, in mermaids?
j: No. But I am happy someone does in some context so that the Mermaid Parade exist.
b: That’s nice of you. It sounds like you get enjoyment from other people’s happiness.

b: In your lifetime so far, name three costumes you were for Halloween.
j: Well this hearkens back to an earlier question.
b: The mermaid one?
j: No, the Reagan one because of my very young fascination with Ronald Reagan and his known love for Jelly Beans. One year I was a bag of jelly beans addressed to him at the White House. Was also a farm girl, and a cat.
b: That is an amazing costume.

b: What was your major in college? What did you do for your final project.
j: Theater. I directed a musical called “Book of the Night”. It was a lot of fun.
b: I love theater people.
j: Thanks.

b: If you had to be on the cover of a magazine, which magazine would you choose?
j: Highlights Magazine. Do they still make that? I’d like one of those “What’s wrong with this” picture things, where they show the photo twice and there are subtle, airbrushed out differences. Like in one photo I’m holding Liliana, but in the other, I’m not.
b: Your wish is my command.

b: What would you rather give up forever, cheese or chocolate?
j: Oh no. Neither! Please don’t make me choose.

b: Would you rather be named Edgar or Lorenzo?
j: Edgar.
b: Interesting.

b: Cat of dog?
j: Cat

b: Peter Pan or Aladin? 
j: Peter Pan. I would like to meet Tinkerbell.

It was great interviewing Jessica. I hope to interview her again once a year on her daughter’s half birthday for the next 30 years.

Special Thanks to Jessica for the interview, Meaghan for coming up with the “cheese or chocolate” question, and Jenny for taking a picture of Jess’s childhood picture from Chris’s “Baby Door”.

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