I Like Ice Cream in Bowls Shaped Like Fish.

After posting my blog entry Pictures and Music, my frienemy Kayla replied with a comment.

Kayla made me realize that by posting simple pictures and a playlist I was trying to be someone who I just am not…serious.

Senior year in high school, my other frienemy Heather asked me, “Becky, can you ever be serious?” I took offense to her statement because at the time I aspired to be a undertaker at a funeral home. After one week at my Undertaker Internship, I broke down laughing when an 109-year-old lady’s eulogy referenced her obsession with the children’s character Ronald McDonald. Of course it’s not funny and why shouldn’t anyone love Ronald. Being serious just isn’t me.

On a lighter note, I love ice cream. I love ice cream with lots of sprinkles. I love ice cream in bowls shaped like fish.

My favorite way to eat ice cream is to let it melt a little then stir and stir and stir it until it’s mushy. That is when it is perfect to eat. I get so sad when ice cream is over.

I brought this picture frame for my friend who just got initiated into his first Harlem gang.

I know he is going to be happy.

ShaBAM. Goodbye Kayla.

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0 thoughts on “I Like Ice Cream in Bowls Shaped Like Fish.

  1. HAHAHAHHA. I am rolling on the floor laughing! Literally.

    I hope we can be friends now. Not frienemies. I just love you too much to also hate you.

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