I Keep My Watch in the Drawer

I had to stuff my new baby watch in my drawer during the night because it kept ticking.

It probably felt like it was being suffocated and neglected, it also might have been scared that it was in the dark…but it had to be done.

Today is Thursday. I put my camera on a stack of water jugs then activated the ten second timer that took 3 photos.

I first pretended I was reading the newspaper so those humans next to me wouldn’t be suspicious of the blinking camera they were walking towards. 

But then as I began walking the man realized what was happening.

I slipped behind them as an innocent pedestrian taking a walk.

I had to stop those two probable-tourists and ask them to sign a release form so I could use their face in my blog. Success.

I couldn’t find my metro card as I got on the bus this morning. I was slightly un-contented by this fact because:

1. My metro card is the one thing I always put back in the same place after using it [apparently not though]
2. I didn’t want to “dupe” the bus driver and scam the MTA
3. I had recently put 50 dollars on it.

I had a metro card that I knew didn’t have $5.50 on it, but I used it anyway. It dipped it into the machine and it read $3.00. The bus driver let me sit down, take a moment, and search for change/another metro card. After looking through my bag for a short time, I knew it was not in my bag…or was it?!?! [enter dramatic music]

When I got to work, I dumped out my purse.

This morning I had also realized I couldn’t find my debit/ATM card. The unsettled feeling continued when I looked through my purse and didn’t see either. I was putting things away neatly and opened my digital camera case. Look what I discovered.

A true End-of-Summer miracle. I don’t even remember putting them in my camera case. What was I thinking? I felt relieved.

I had a great Labor Day Weekend this past weekend. The most memorable event was the 5 mile bike ride I took with my father. We began the journey by taking my bike out from under the house. Man, I’m strong. I lifted it over my head 150 times just as a warm up.

About ten years ago, we cleaned out the underneath part of the house [which was all dirt, now that I think of it] and made it into a concrete room for storage. I saw the handprints that my sister and I left.

I put my hand in the imprint and oddly, it was the same size it is now- yet the print was from ten years ago. I also found other things in storage like this hair clip that says my name.

This land yard game which I played in the schoolyard.

This Sanrio lunchbox where I used to keep “tasty treats”.

I also found this dancing outfit that one of us once wore…fancy.

It actually made me kind of sad looking at this stuff. Maybe it will be dress up clothes when my children [I plan on having 12 of them] come and visit my mom in the future. Or maybe I will go back under the house and burn away all my memories with a match that makes fire.

Other pictures from the bike ride:


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0 thoughts on “I Keep My Watch in the Drawer

  1. That looked like a pretty radical bike ride.

    Also, I’ve repeatedly tried to pay for things with an MTA card late at night and felt like an idiot.

  2. I had BK withdrawal over this weekend so I had to read your blog. Where is this trail? Staten Island field trip soon, please?

    1. This trail is from right over the Verrazzano bridge…all the way following the whole boardwalk, down to Miller Field which is a place with tons of soccer fields. It is gorgeoussssssss. You must come one day and we’ll do it.

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