I Have A Big Head

I have an oversized head.

This is a photo of my cousins, sister and I in Atlantic City last week.

Can you tell which one is me?

My head weighs so much, I sometimes have to rest it on my cousin’s head. 

Here is me and my best friend.

I try to angle my head to make it look smaller. 

Here is me texting in a restaurant!

I can see well because my eyes are so big. 

Here is me holding up my cash winnings of $75 dollars, which I would soon lose all of. 

Here is my sister and I in our kitchen. 

I do not feel self conscious about having a big head because my friend Tommy has one too.

Here is Tommy sitting on a stool. He has a handsome face, I must say. 

Here is Tommy and his girlfriend Amanda posing in front of a Christmas Tree.

They make a mighty handsome couple, I must say. 

Here is Tiffany, me, Tommy, Amanda, and our big heads together in one picture.

It is a handsome photo, I must say. 

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    1. If ever given the opportunity for brain exploration, you’d be the first scientist I’d pick to work on it. Be gentle please.

      ps. Thanks for the comment!

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