Help: Need A Blog Title

After a year of posting, my blog [the one you are reading] has reached over 12,000 views. Comparatively, I have no idea how this ranks. In my book however, it is pretty pretty good.

After a year of having this world-reknowned blog, it is still called “Beckyyk’s Blog”. LAME. I’m embarrassed for myself.

Any suggestions for an awesome title? Whoever comes up with the one I like the most, will receive an excellent prize.

The winner can choose between:

a. $5 dollars in cold, hard cash
b.  A home cooked pasta dish [to your liking]
c.  3 semi-used notebooks
d. A four week supply of bandaids
e. Unconditional Moral Support

Here are the top search terms people have searched for to come across this blog thus far.

Top contenders are “Quotes to Live By”, “Mumford and Sons”, and “Catdog”. Catdog is a 1998 Nickelodeon Cartoon. I am extremely curious who are these people searching for “Catdog”.

My other most curious search term, lower on the list, is “silver nugget” which has been searched for in multiple ways.

If you are the blogger searching for “Silver Nugget”…Show yourself. I will respect you. And maybe you can help me come up with a blog title.

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0 thoughts on “Help: Need A Blog Title

  1. Oh man. I wish I could help you, but I think blog names come from within! haha

    From the blogs that I read, I noticed certain themes in their titles. For example:

    A title that reflects you/your style/lifestyle:

    A title that reflects your writing style:

    A title that reflects the theme of your blog:

    Or, just look through craigslist’s missed connections and/or a favorite phrase from a literary work.

    bueno suerte.

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