Come See The Show I’m In!

It is amazing how much influence school teachers have on a person’s life. Kids grow into adults and still remember Sr. Dingbat, the strict but caring nun, who taught them in Kindergärten; even specific things she said! Like Plato, teachers shape our futures. Six years later, I can recall my 11th grade english teacher, Ms. Flipperbiscuit, being outraged by the fact that Paris Hilton was quoted saying she couldn’t walk down the street without looking at her reflection in each store window. I think of that every day when I walk to work and stare at the reflection of my own hod bod.

I walked 31 city blocks to work today. I got off the Express bus at 14th street and went into Dunkin Donuts. I ordered a Medium Iced Coffee with Cream.

I started using cream in my coffee in hopes of rapid weight gain. “More. More,” I told the young Dunkin Donuts employee pouring the cream. She got nervous at my commands. Her hand trembles slightly and cream spills out. ” A little more”, I said from behind the counter. She filled it to the brim. The drink now consists of half coffee, half cream. “Great job Bibi.” Her name-tag reads Bibi.

I’m set to play the role of “Janét” a French Exchange student in an off-off-Broadway production of “Voiliers” [rough translation: “Sailboats”]. To prepare for the role, I need to gain 50 pounds. Rehearsals haven’t started yet, but I’m meeting the guy who put the add up on Craigslist tonight.

This play would be great to put on my resume if I want to be a real actor. Hopefully I can gain the weight by then!

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