Half My Face is Pretty

I looked through old pictures this afternoon and found this one. It was taken in 1996. I was 9. My sister was 10. My mother was 40.

I’m the blonde. My sister the brunette. My mother the lady in red.

We were headed into New York City to see my Uncle be inducted into the Knights of Malta at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The Knights of Malta are an ancient Catholic Religious Order.

I have one very specific memory from this day.

I remember thinking the left half of face looked really pretty. My hair was flipped under. It could have passed for having been professionally done.

My cheek was reddened because I had a rash. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup at this age so facial rashes were welcomed.

The right side of my face was much less appealing. My face was pale; my hair wavy and lacked volume.

This is the memory that hits me when I look at the picture.

I bet my sister remembers the fake flower on her hat.

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