First Day of Summer and The Lunar New Year!

Today is the first day of summer. I know this because my small purple date-keeper conveys “summer begins” on today’s date. The planner also reminds me that “Columbus Day” is on October 10th. January 23rd brings the greatly anticipated “Lunar New Year“.

I love Lunar New Year. It’s the one day of the 365 where I can hack into my neighbor’s satellite connection, steal their cable and not feel guilty. I host an annual Lunar New Year’s Eve party. I invite both my real friends and my Facebook friends. Last year we had a great turnout. 6 people showed up. I was most surprised to see Erin, a girl who I know only because she slept over my townhouse in college senior year. My housemate accommodated high school seniors [her being one if them] during our school’s open house. I asked Erin “how’s it going?” she said, “good”, then she friended me on Facebook. I’m glad I didn’t de-friend her because then she wouldn’t have shown up to my party. There would have been an odd number of people and someone wouldn’t have a partner for the “Kill, Marry, Send to the Moon” game. [A game where three people are presented and out of the three, you choose who you would Kill, Marry, or Send to the Moon]

Temperatures were below freezing last Lunar New Year’s Eve. I know this because I handed out miniature thermometers. We all huddled together in my backyard eating Moon Pies. They are a pastry that is made of two round graham cracker cookies with marshmallow filling in the center, dipped in chocolate or other flavors. I got that recipe off of “Google Dictionary”. I don’t like marshmallows or “other flavors”, but I make them because they have the word “moon” in their name. The moon is associated with the word “Lunar”.

Enough about Lunar New Year, enough! It is the first day of summer! Let’s make a list of the top ten reasons I am excited about Summer.

Top Ten Reasons I am Excited About Summer

1. Summer Fridays at work [get every other friday off from my job]
2. Air Conditioner [man-made device that cools down a room’s temperature in the sweltering heat]
3. My cousin’s July wedding [My cousin is getting wed to a man in July]
4. Margaritas [self-explanatory]
5. Going to the Beach [self-explanatory]
6.  Running outside [self-explanatory]
7.  Bar-Be-Ques [self-explanatory]
8.  Que-Be-Bars [don’t even know what that is]
9. Swimming in water [self-explanatory]
10. Italian Ices [flavored frozen ice that you pay approximately $2.50 to consume digestively]

There you have it. That is my 2011 Summer Excitement List. What are you excited about for this summer?

I conveyed my summer excitement by “liking” my friends Facebook status. Thanks for wishing me a Happy first day of summer Liz. You’re really sweet.

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  1. That’s me! No problem Becky. I promise to wish you a happy Lunar New Year when that occurs as well 🙂

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