12 Birthday Pictures

Below is a photo compilation of moments where people I know are interacting with birthday cakes.

1. Me and my friend Noel’s 20th birthday celebrated in 2007. After blowing out the candles, I head dove into the cake, eating the whole thing in 12 bites. The room filled with silence. I left Noel to eat one “snowcap”. A “snowcap” is a small chocolate candy coated in white sprinkles. It appears the cake is covered with them. Noel was upset she didn’t get to try the cake.

2. My sister Emily’s 25th birthday celebrated summer 2011. She insisted on using these “firecracker” candles. Her birthday is the day before July 4th. She also insisted I, being her younger sister, light the candles. I flicked on the lighter and a flame came out. It was great to see the happiness the candles brought to my sister. My eyebrows have yet to fully grow in.

3. College friend Maryellen’s 24th birthday celebrated the Summer 2011. It appears this isn’t a cake, but approximately 25 cupcakes placed next to one another. Maryellen works at the cupcake store Crumbs.

4. Dan S’s 140th birthday celebrated Summer 2011 in Astoria Queens. He is the oldest man alive and has broken 14 world records. Externally he looks about 26. Internally he looks like a sun dried tomato.

5. Dan B’s birthday celebrated Summer 2011 in New York City. The cake was red velvet, made with literal red velvet. It wasn’t edible.

6. Veronica’s birthday celebrated Spring 2011 in New York City. The birthday candles were plunged into what appears to be a miniature cheeseburger and two tatter tots. The part was “Hat” themed. Veronica blew out the candles then through her hat in the air. It flipped three times and landed back on her head. She had been practicing the move for three weeks. I was impressed.

7. Father’s 59th birthday celebrated March 2011. My sister served him an tiny Carvel’s ice cream cake. She wore a polka dotted apron because she didn’t want to get wax on her sweatshirt. Also, she “just can’t wait to be a housewife.” My dad had a fit when he saw there were only 2 candles in the cake. “I’m 50, not 2,” he screamed.

8. Lauren’s 19th birthday celebrated in 2006. We were freshmen in college. Lauren wore a paper hat that said, “Kiss me it’s my birthday.” I stayed up the whole night before making the hat. The look of happiness in Lauren’s eye was worth every one of the $600 dollars I spent on those gold encrusted staples to hold the hat together.

9. Father’s 58th birthday celebrated in 2010. This photograph was taken a year before his 59th birthday pictured above. Another Carvel cake. He sat in his recliner. I wore a green headband and Emily, my sister, wore a blue velvet suit.

10. My 21st birthday celebrated December of 2009. I requested a brownie pie with whipped cream. Everyone chanted my name. I got so nervous with all the attention on me that I smashed the pie in the face of family friend Marguerite, the woman sitting next to me. She didn’t give me a present.

11. Aunt Kristin’s birthday celebrated in the Summer of 2009. Aunt Kristin was speechless at the cake’s beauty. She compared it to the innocence of a newborn baby.

12. My grandma’s 92nd birthday celebrated circa 2010. Her daughter, son, and granddaughter stood behind her and sang “happy birthday”. That night, we went on a 20 mile hike throughout the forest with no flashlights. It was scary!

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