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Hello person reading this blog. I hope these words find you well. Maybe you just got the promotion you’ve wanted. Maybe you just received an “I’m in love with you” text from the person you have feelings for. Maybe, seconds ago, you won the 2011 National Tightrope Competition [NTC], beating crowd favorite Carlos Schmarlos.

If you’re having a bad moment, that’s ok too. Maybe you just stubbed your toe on edge of a chair. Maybe you just received a pair of shoes in the mail to find they are three sizes small. Maybe, seconds ago, you lost the 2011 National Horse Jockey Bagel Eating Competition [NHJBEC], losing to crowd favorite Patricia Schmatricia.

No matter what circumstance this blog post finds you in, I would like you to know that I care about you. Even if I don’t know you. I am portraying myself as a creep.

Please watch the video below. It is a “stop-motion” video. It contains, estimatingly, 300 photos from my life. It is set to Beirut’s song Postcards From Italy. The image below on the video is of my sister doing pushups at my cousin’s college graduation. Enjoy!


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0 thoughts on “Video About Life

  1. So I’ve been meaning to ask: who takes the pictures of you that you use in your blog? It seems like some are self-portaits but others aren’t. Thanks.

    1. Firstly, thank you for reading my blog.
      Secondly, yes some pictures are self-portraits. Some I take with a tripod or just put the camera on a ledge somewhere.

      However a lot of the time, I just ask whoever I’m with to take my picture. Whether it be my mother, sister, or friends.

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