The Shining Twins

My sister and I played the freaky twins in the original cast of the horror film The Shining. It was our big Hollywood break.

I’m the one on the right.

Only weeks into shooting, we were fired. Emily was allergic to the fake blood.

I wake up every morning and think, “what could our lives have been had we made it to the big screen?”

I can no longer watch scary movies. I can’t look twins in the eye(s).

The director allowed me to keep the costume because I cried so much and wouldn’t let go of his leg.

Today I use the silk change purse to carry my debit card. It clashes with all my outfits, but is a good conversation starter. It will never extinguish the fiery regret that burns in my heart.

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0 thoughts on “The Shining Twins

    1. I love your picture of your boys from Easter! The photo of my sister and I was taken on Easter too!!! (Easter 1995) The dresses were pink. I photoshopped them to be blue! You’re wish is granted, a REAL shining twin saw the photo. 🙂

  1. My wife is a twin and they had to dress up identical and have my daughter take their picture in a hotel down a long hallway so they could have their “Shining” moment.

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