Staten Island Ferry Pics

I left work in Manhattan today at 1:45pm. I usually get out of work at 6pm. Headed home to Staten Island early. To beat Storm Nemo.

I routinely take the Express bus to Staten Island. But had to find a subway first to refill my metro card. I only had $3 dollars left on the card. The bus fare is $5.50.

I walked west on 34th street toward the N,Q,R train. Wet rain and hail pelted me in the face. I carried my backpack on my back. Held an umbrella in my right hand. And held a 1TB hard drive in a box with my left arm. The box was slightly bigger than a shoebox. I put it in a drawstring GAP bag for protection. It burned my fingers if I carried it by the string. So I rested the hard drive on my hip. The way a mother would hold her toddler. I was glad the drive was not, in fact, a human child because my grip on the bag kept slipping. I would not want the grip on a child to slip. A gust of wind blew my umbrella inside out. The whole time I was trying to shove pieces of a peanut butter granola bar into my mouth. I held the granola bar in the same hand as my umbrella. Getting crumbs on my scarf.

I took the express Q to 14th. Express N to Canal. Local R to Rector.  It was poor transfer planning on my part.

I walked to the Rector street Express bus stop. A long line of people waited for the bus. I stood at the end of the line.

“The line is back there,” a woman said kindly. Pointing down the block.

30-40 people were waiting on line.

“Ah. Thank you,” I said with smile.

I looked at the clock on my iPhone. 2:15pm. I immediately walked towards the Staten Island ferry. I would get the 2:30pm boat. In my history of commuting, I know a long line like that meant I would be waiting for 45 minutes. With no chance the bus would stop to pick anyone up because it was so crowded already.

I got on the 2:30pm ferry. I don’t usually take the ferry these days. It was enjoyable. I love the views of NYC you see while riding the boat. I stood outside on the bottom ferry platform for the first 15 minutes of the 30 minute ride. My hands were cold. I got pelted in the face with hail. It was worth the nice photos I snapped.









As I was taking the photo of the Statue of Liberty, a group of teenage tourists completely surrounded me. I turned around to move and knocked five kids with my backpack. They did not even notice.

I walked to the center of the platform. And ate peanut butter granola bar crumbs off my scarf.

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