Sleep Time Traveling

I’ve been having bad dreams and experiencing sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is when your mind is awake, but your body is asleep. So you are aware of your surroundings but cannot move. In my opinion, it is scary.


Last week, I slept over my grandmother’s house. I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep. It was 12:30pm. I was in my father’s old bedroom. The photo above is the actual bed where I was sleeping.

Twenty minutes passed. I was drifting to sleep. All of a sudden, the bed started to shake. I opened my eyes. My body was still. I was not moving. The bed was moving. The bed shook for 20-30 seconds. I removed my head from the pillow and put my ear to the mattress. I figured listening to the mattress with my ear would shed clarity on my confusion. It did not. It was hard to tell what was really happening. Was I dreaming? Was I hallucinating? Was I experiencing an earthquake? Did I unplug the iron?

My body wouldn’t let me move. With strength and willpower, I threw myself out of bed. I grabbed my pillow, and walked to my sister’s room.

“Can I sleep with you?” I asked her as I got into bed. I am 25 years old. She is 26 years old.

“Yeah,” she muttered. I had woken her up.

If she said, “No”, I would have slept next to her anyway. I was freaked out.

This bed shaking has happened to me thrice before. Once at my house. Two other times at my grandma’s house. I think the shaking only exists in my head. The bed is not actually shaking. I get scared when I feel the bed shake because it feels very real.

I internet researched “bed shaking as I’m falling asleep”. Found this:

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 2.58.04 PM

I was not alone. Others, including this mysterious user “t-shirt”, have experienced the “bed-shaking”!

I mentioned the bed-shaking to my video editor friend/co-worker, Dre.

“Do you sleep on your back?” he asked.

“No, I sleep on my stomach,” I told him.

“Oh, ok. Because there are theories that demons sit on your chest as you are sleeping if you lay on your back.”

“Great,” I said with a smile. I knew this new “demon sitting on chest” theory was definitely going to make me sleep worse. It freaked me out even more. He googled and showed me photos of demons sitting on people’s chests. The photos were hand drawn illustrations or cartoons of demons. I can’t even post the photos on this blog because I don’t want to ever see them again. Since he’s told me this, I have a hard time falling asleep. If I catch myself laying on my back, I immediately flip over to my stomach. Just like a pancake.

I did more research.

User “doggettall” believes bed shaking is a result of your astral body vibrating. He/She also informs readers that you can astral project your mind “AKA travel ANYWHERE on this planet or universe”. I get the vibe “doggettall” is excited about this astral opportunity. He/she says the shaking is your “astral self” shaking. Your astral body “shares the same mind as your physical body.”

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 3.22.35 PM

Time travel. That sounds crazy.

I feel like I am scaring myself more by researching on the internet. What if my mind time travels to the 1950s and I get stuck there?

“SwissChris”, believes the bed shaking feeling is a result of laying on your back, sleeping with electronics next to your bed, and/or drinking too much caffeine (which he/she refers to as coffeine).

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 3.24.35 PM

SwissChris’ reasons are normal. These are reasons I can deal with. I can lay on my stomach. I can unplug my phone. I can drink less coffiene.

On the other hand, think of the things I could do if I was able to time travel! Think of the wars I could stop. Think of the people I could meet. I could meet my great-great-grandmother. I hear she made a tasty chocolate pudding pie.

I am going to try and time travel tonight. Year 1830, here I come!

Grand-ma-ma, heat me up a big slice of that chocolate pudding pie!

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  1. Hello,just before I sleep I also feel something,but since my eyes are closed,it may be just eye movement(then the brain has no way of knowing where we are,thus making us feel like we’re losing balance). LOL You got trolled,my sister loves to say things like that too.Do you know “in/succubus” and stuff?If not,you can go ahead and search at wiki,but if you are superstitious,don’t do it.Looks like everything that is strange to humans is attributed to “demons”…

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