Post-Hurricane NJ SHORE and a Female Deer

Visited my college friend Matt this past weekend in Ocean Township, NJ.

NJ is an abbreviation for the state of New Jersey.

PS is an abbreviation for plaid shirts.

HWBWSO is an abbreviation for holding water bottles with sunglasses on.

I watched Matt through the mirror for one hour.

We drove a minutes away to the beach at Long Branch.

It was my first time at the Jersey Shore since Hurricane Sandy.

I knew the boardwalk was gone.

But it was weird to see it in person.

Drove through Sea Bright.

Drove south to Belmar.

Saw piled up pieces of the boardwalk.

Got out of the car.

Found this pile of sand with American flags in it. It was great to see.

Drove back to Matt’s and saw a doe. “A dear, a female deer.” -Julie Andrews


Then I saw a a ray. “A drop of golden sun.” -Julie Andrews

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