Meaghan the “Street Performer”

Entertainer Meaghan McKeon is bringing mediocre feats to New York City as Times Square’s unofficial street performer.

“If you like the show, tell your friends. If you did not like the show, keep it to yourself. No one likes a whiner,” McKeon complained Sunday evening before punching me in the gut.

The native Connecticuter considers herself a “Mad Top Hatter”.

“I can take my top hat on and off fast,” she informs me. “Real fast,” she leans closer to me as if she is about to tell me a secret, “faster than the speed of lightning.”

“Don’t you mean the speed of light?” I ask her.

“No. I mean lightning,” she pushes me on the shoulder, “hermanita.” (spanish translation of “small sister”)

She removes her hat, lifts it in the air, and places it back atop her head. A child walks up and hands her a gum wrapper.

“I can teach you to Mad Hat in about an hour, but to learn to attract an audience and hold an audience, that takes years.”

McKeon began Top Hatting last night.

“I stand next to this man dressed as the Statue of Liberty,” she hitchhike-thumb-points to her left. “He’s a crowd favorite. It increases my chances fo’ tips. Namsayin?”

“Are you a man?” she turns and asks him. He does not respond audibly. He instead does “the egyptian” dance move. Where you put one hand, palm down near your chin. The other hand, palm up, behind your back. And move them back and forth. While moving your head forwards and back.

A child walks up and hands him a gum wrapper.

Along with speed lifting her top hat and being defensive, McKeon can hold up her own chin.

For more information, walk into Times Square and approach Meaghan. She has no website.

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