What’s so bad about Wednesday?

I experienced two twin sceaneraios today. Fraternal twin scenarios.

1. I was waiting at the bus stop in the chilly morning air and I saw a woman walking towards us [the people standing waiting for the bus]. She smiled at me. I smiled back, then realized she was smiling at the woman behind me. They greeted each other with a “Hi. How are you?” The woman already waiting seemed slightly flabbergasted and replied “ehh”. The other woman says, “Just ehh?”. The waiting woman says, “It’s wednesday”, then makes a noise like she’s annoyed. A mixture between a a horses “neighhh” and a person unbuttoning their pants after eating Thanksgiving dinner.

What’s so bad about Wednesday!?

Well, now that I’ve been working for 9 months+, of course I understand what is so bad about the day of Wednesday. It’s the middle day of the work week. It’s “hump” day, as some refer to it [which makes me slightly uncomfortable]. It’s not Thursday yet. It had the word “wed” in it– which makes me think of Tim Burton’s “The Corpse Bride”–which is about dead people– which makes me upset.

2. I had just sat at my desk [in my chair] for the first time of the day when I heard two co-workers talking to one another. “How’s it going?”, the man said to the woman, “Ehhhh, it’s Wednesday. Not doing too well.”

My reactions to these fraternal twin scenarios was to be perturbed by how upset people are getting at the start of a perfectly good day. That made me upset at the start of this perfectly good day.

My best friend Kristen and I love quotes. We love to read quotes then discuss them. We love to argue about what quotes mean. [We argued about a quote one night in a Barnes and Noble. The quote had something to do with religion and I just totally did not get it. She tried to explain it to me for literally 35 minutes. Kristen, do you remember what the quote was?] I want a quote calendar. Yes. That is what I want.

I imagine if my blog was like really popular, I would have tons of fans sending me quote calendars…fo’ free.

When your co-worker asks you how you are today, reply with “Excellent. Amazing. Thanks for asking.” Or say how you really feel because I think that is the most important thing to do in life– besides nourishing yourself and keeping homeostasis.


Thought: I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like Tina Fey

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