I was curious what the first word used in this blog would be…and apparently, it is forever. Well, that came out of nowhere- i surprise myself every day. Wow, I did not forsee my first blog entry to be this way; I forseed, excuse me, foresaw it to be different, life changing, inspiring. I started a blog in my head for the past month…but I never got any views on it.

I want to make a mixed cd. I like to make mixed cd’s. I like to discover music. Music brings me to a new place- It brought me to San Francisco about a year ago, when I was traveling with the band I started. I played the piano in the band. My friend Katherine sang. Mr. Irwin played the piano. He was my seventy three year old blind neighbor who used to play on Broadway [on the corner of 28th and Broadway to be exact]. The band became a hit for nearly three months until Mr. Irwin and I saw things differently…which was ironic. Two pianos in one band doesn’t work. Unless it is a piano dueling concert. I left him in San Francisco. Why are my sentences so short? That’s a rhetorical question. Unless someone has the answer.

I wonder if many first time bloggers say, “I can’t believe I’m finally starting a blog”, or if they say “Finally, good for me, I’m starting a blog”, or “I can’t believe this blog doesn’t have spell check”.

I have so many thoughts running through my head, it’s overwhelming. This blog entry is over. I’m also compulsive and want to see what this blog looks like when I hit “publish“.

I’m back. Lucky for you, this blog has a “preview” option. I wonder who you are. Did you come across this blog with an accidental spasm of the hand? Did I tell you to read this blog and you are doing it in kindness? Or are you secretly obsessed with me and saw the link on my facebook because you check my page daily? Maybe you’re a stranger who I will never meet.

The end.

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