Why do I find myself watching youtube videos about cool things people do with post-it notes? What has my life become?


That video is pretty awesome. Last night, my friend Maryellen visited me at the workplace then we headed over to meet my parents at a Knicks game. The weather was enjoyable to walk along the streets. I had not seen Maryellen in a month or so, so I caught up with her…because she was running at one point. The Empire State Building was in clear view of my eyes.

I immediately consumed chicken fingers and french fries [with honey mustard, which I now like] immediately because I was so hungry. Maryellen and I got on the big screen.

Everyone cheered when we came on the screen, I thinkkk because we are so good looking and everyone wanted to honor our beauty. Ethan Hawke was also in attendance at the game- with his two children: Maya Ray and Levon Roan. They are his kids with Uma Thurman. We found this out through wikipedia. We also found out that he divorced Uma and had another baby, Clementine, with their nanny. The Knicks won the, which was unfortunate because we [my dad and I] wanted the Celtics to win.

I crave something sweet after every meal I eat. I suppose this isn’t necessarily a bad thing- as long as I satisfy myself with a small treat, such as a lollypop, compared to a large treat- like a piece of chocolate cake made from the finest chocolate in the world. Then again, if I encountered a cake made from the finest chocolate in the world, I would eat the whole thing in three sittings, just so I could then later tell people “I consumed a cake made from the finest chocolate in the world”. It would be such a great conversation starter.

I purchased these shoes today from pacsun [pacific sunwear].

They were 22 dollars and I got a 15% off coupon by searching online. I ordered them in a size 9- even though I am a 9 1/2. They do not have them in half sizes. Now, I am watching Martin Short videos on youtube. I think he is funny. One of the funniest things I have seen is him playing “Uncle Jack” in episode “Ready, Aim, Marry Me” in Arrested Development. It looks like he will be in the Arrested Development movie as well. Wondrous.

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