I Used the Phrase LOL…lol

Yesterday, I used the phrase “lol” in a text message. “lol” is a popular typing abbreviation used to convey that a person thinks something is funny and is “laughing out loud”. Years ago, I used the phrase on a daily basis, typing it in AIM conversations with high school classmates and in every text I composed. I once carved it into the bark of a tree. “Becky Wuz Here…LOL”. In senior year of high school, I wrote it in a blue booklet a global exam. “Signing of the Declaration of Independence wuz really important. It would be a great commercial for a pen company [such as BIC] to re-inact the signing using their pen…lol. Also, why don’t men of our generation wear those womanly white wigs anymore?…lol”

Because of the “lol” use, 30 points were minused from my overall test score making me fail the class. [Also because I say “wuz”] I realized “lol” didn’t represent who I am as a person and made a pact with myself to never type the expression again. For years I maintained the pact; until yesterday.

Today, I am driving to Connecticut today with my cousin Kaitlin. Yesterday we texted about what time we would depart. My words are in the green bubbles. See Below:

I used the phrase in the scenario above because in the moment, it just felt natural; and I was half asleep. I thought using the phrase would flood back my obsession, but it did not. The phrase has become desensitized meaning, people use “lol” even when they are not actually laughing out loud. That’s not the issue. Believe me, I am all for pretending to be someone who I’m not. I just don’t like using the phrase. And, don’t get me wrong, I love when others use “lol”. I think it’s cute. 🙂

I’ve decided not to use the phrase anymore from this moment on…but we shall see lol.

Ok, starting now. lol.

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0 thoughts on “I Used the Phrase LOL…lol

  1. I have been reading your blog, and I think it is hilarious. I have subscribed.

    But as I’ve looked around the blog, I’ve realised other people find it hilarious too. 🙁 I’m so unoriginal.

    1. Thank you very much for subscribing. I love getting subscribers and can compare it to receiving christmas presents on christmas. I enjoy your blog too and subscribed.

      A wise man once told me “unoriginal is the new original”. Of course he was the town bum, but does that matter?

  2. I have made that same pact with myself. It was an umbrella pact encompassing all internet short hand including lol, rofl, omg, omfg, brb, g2g, etc.

    Mostly I adhere to it, except when I want to convey my excitement over shallow things…then I use OMG or OMFG.

    Youre blog makes me laugh out loud, oh my god, i am rolling on the floor laughing OH MY FUCKING GOD, well I’ll be right back. Got to go!

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