Over my holiday break

I left my purse

at an Airbnb

in the mountains of New Jersey.

The purse contained

my work ID, metro card, license, etc.

I live two hours from the Airbnb

and would have to wait over a week

to have the purse sent back.

I got home to New York City

and had to buy a new metro card.

I swiped my credit card in the machine

and this card popped out.

metro card
It was beautiful!

I liked the purple and pink colors

and zig zag pattern.

The metro card I left in New Jersey

was normal school-bus-yellow.

It was frustrating to not have my IDs,

(Had to sign in at work security every morning

and linger outside doors to get access to

key-access-only areas)

but I wouldn’t have gotten this new card

if I didn’t leave behind the purse.

And because I didn’t have my work ID,

I got to meet two interns

who escorted me upstairs to swipe me in.

I talked to the interns and asked them

if they liked their internship so far.

One intern told me he was on his college’s

sketch comedy team.

I don’t mind that I left my purse!

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