An Utterly Beautiful Thing.

I woke up an hour late yesterday… I haven’t written a blog in days… I lost a dime on the subway tracks. Could my week get any worse?

The only way it could have in fact gotten worse, is if I missed the season premiere of the Kardashians- which I luckily didn’t.

Today is Thursday. Thank the goodness. Ever since I was a kid, my grandma taught me to say the phrase “Oh my goodness” in replacement of “Oh my God” because she thought the latter was inappropriate to say. She also wouldn’t let us watch the Rosie O’Donnell’s talk show. When I was 8 or 9 years old, I was in the living room of my grandma’s house, playing with my cousins and sister [Emily] who were around the same age. We were bored and I clapped my hands together loudly and yelled, “Emily…Ouch”, knowing my grandma was in the kitchen, listening. “If you’re going to roughplay, go in the basement,” I remember my grandma saying to us. Emily looked at me as if she was about to attack me.

I was kid who wanted to follow the rules exactly and would get nervous if I did something I was told not to. I vividly remember my mom telling me I could eat three cookies after dinner. I ate three, then snuck an extra one. When I realized what I did and felt overcome with a wave of guilt. Also, I would get absolutely anxious if someone tried to cheat off me in school and would tense up. As a freshman in high school, I let a girl borrow my homework and she copied them that morning at the end of another class. The teacher asked her what she was doing, took the papers away from her, and gave the notes to the other teacher whose class it was for. I didn’t have that other class until the end of the day and had anticipatory anxiety the entire day.

After that last class, the teacher asked if I would stay behind and talk to him. The students departed from the room and I sat in alone sea of desks as if I was waiting for my execution. He walked over and plopped down in the desk next to me, holding the papers, and asked what happened. Before I even spoke, my cheeks turned bright red and tears burst from my eye ducts like horses just released to run a race. [like that analogy James Patterson?] I think I scared him because he ended up comforting me more than scolding. Looking back, the event was a trivial little moment in my life, but at the time it meant everything. That is interesting to keep in mind with events in my life that happen now.

I’m reading James Patterson’s 7th Women’s Murder Club Novel, 7th Heaven. [Who am I on the phone with???]

I find myself speeding through his books on my commute to work. I have read 16 James Patterson novels since beginning work 8 and a half months ago. [wow i’ve been working so long] I feel so accomplished.

Imagine if I was obsessed with the detective author, James Patterson. I find it funny when I come across fanpage websites, facebooks, or twitter pages where everyday humans give hour-to-hour updates about information pertaining to the certain celebrity.

Listen, I’m not saying these people have no lives and that it’s weird that they are creating youtube videos about television romances that don’t exist in reality because you know what…I’m the one who watches them. For example, I used to be obsessed with the NBC show ER and loved when Nurse Abby [Maura Tierney] was dating Dr. Carter [Noah Wyle] on the show. I may or may have watched a video, or looked at one or two fanpages in my life. C’mon. I was “” #1 fan. I just checked it and apparently it’s offline. What a tragic discovery.

I haven’t visited show or celebrity fanpages in a while, but happened to come across one for Maura Tierney [The actress from ER]. The woman who ran the website gave lots of current and up-to-date information about the actress [who is starring in a new show Law and Order type show called The Whole Truth premiering in September, which I will be DVR-ing] I mean, it was great someone cares so much about the actress. I have no judgement towards the website creator, if anything I have praise for them and think they their hopes and dreams should be fulfilled…the only weird thing, is that on the website, the woman showed the viewer a picture of a Valentine’s day present from her husband… It was a mug with a picture of Maura Tierney on it.

I say it was “weird” but in reality, which is the realm that we are living in, it’s not weird. It’s beautiful. What an utterly beautiful thing.

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  1. I think that mug as a present is deff weird. That man should be trying to get his wife to stop worshipping a lady who she probably never met in her life! It’s funny how you mention not wanting to break the rules as a kid. I feel like I was the opposite way. Rule were meant to be broken. But it’s like you said. I’m sure you’ve learned so much from living that way, and now it’s back to reality. We make our own rules. Let us not forget that..

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